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One of the main reasons we love our carpet is because its fluffy, comfy and makes our home feel cozy! Nonetheless, with time, they may lose all their charm and become a dull shadow of what they used to be. 

To make sure that your carpet is as lively as ever, the Cleanpro Portland Professionals have a set of tips that are sure to keep it looking and feeling good.

Re-fluff Your Carpet!

Ice It!

The first thing to do is take an ice cube from your freezer and place it in the particularly un-fluffed portions! This is the secret weapon to getting your carpet back to life!

The Waiting Game

Now, you need to wait until the ice cube melts completely and your carpet has absorbed some of the water. But be attentive because right after it finishes melting, you’ll have to...

Blot for Dear Life!

As you may know, wet carpets are bad news, but they’re needed for this method of re-fluffing. As soon as the ice melts, take a clean towel and dab the damped area to get the excess water out.

Vacuum Away

Next step is to vacuum! This will not only clean your carpet but it’ll help dry what was soaked with the ice. Much like a hair dryer to hair, this will bring volume and fluffiness to your carpet!

The Waiting Game Part 2

Lastly, all you need to do is wait until your carpet is completely dry. Make sure that you don’t put stuff back on top of the affected area until the humidity is completely gone!

If You Need Extra Help…

Sometimes, these steps aren’t enough to bring a dirty, sad carpet back to life! If you need help to re-fluff your flooring, call Cleanpro at (503) 563-5451 for professional carpet cleaning in Portland! We’re sure to do a job that you and your carpets will be happy about!

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