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Daily use, spills, pets and many other things can make your upholstered furniture dirty - giving to your home an untidy look. Taking care of your upholstery will not only provide a great environment, but it will extend the life of the fabric.

If you are wondering how to take care of your upholstery, don’t worry! At Cleanpro in Portland, we have a few tips that can be useful!


You should vacuum your furniture at least once every week to remove dirt and other debris, remember to go through the cushions and corners. Using a brush is also a good idea to prevent that the dirt sets onto the fabric. Remember this guide to take care of your vacuum cleaner.


Yes, they are very common and you should always act fast. Blot the spill with a clean cloth and check the label for care instructions. Fabric protectors are an option, just test them in a small area before applying it to your upholstery.


Regular use can lead to wear and tear of your cushions, but you can avoid it by simply turning them regularly.


Direct sun exposure can fade your fabric. This is relatively simple to avoid, but very often neglected; add blinds and curtains to prevent it. Don’t forget that cooking fumes and pesticides can also damage your upholstery!

Taking care of your upholstery is that easy! Remember to add a thorough upholstery cleaning in your schedule every six or twelve months.

If you come across stubborn stains and other difficulties, you may need an extra hand and we are always ready at CLEANPRO! We are specialists in upholstery and carpet cleaning - our unique Ion Exchange Process is biodegradable and leaves no residue!

Consider us, next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland. To schedule an estimate, please call (503) 563-5451 and remember “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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