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Having carpets in your home provides an unique environment and an amazing underfoot feeling. No wonder why many people choose to have this great great amenity. There is one simple thing you can do to keep your carpet in great conditions: removing your shoes.

There are a few good reasons to remove your shoes before entering your home, and at Cleanpro in Portland, we tell you why.


There are thousands of germs and bacteria lying on the floor and your shoes will collect them.  Plus, you can also bring pesticides, pollens and other harmful substances for you and your family - especially if you have a pet or a toddler crawling on the carpet.

No Shoes?

Wearing shoes is out of the question, but what should you use instead? Socks are a great option. They will prevent the oil that our feet produce from leaving a stain, especially on light-colored carpets. However, you should create an area at the entrance of your home with a rack to leave your shoes and slippers ready for you and your guests.

Your Boundaries 

Asking your guest to remove their shoes isn’t easy. There is no right answer to this question, just keep in mind that it’s your house and you make the rules.

Removing your shoes is often neglected and it’s a key aspect to keeping your carpet tidy. This advice, plus regular vacuuming, should keep your carpet neat. Thorough carpet cleaning is recommended at least two times every year for a more comprehensive care.

Remember that Cleanpro has an exceptional cleaning system that dries in 1-2 hours! For this and many other reasons, think about us the next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland.

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