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Mold is a pain! It’s horrible in almost every aspect: it smells bad, looks horrible, damages our stuff, and can even cause some respiratory illnesses. The thing is, it’s everywhere, which means you can’t keep it away forever!

Even though you can prevent it from becoming a problem, an oversight can have it living in your carpets and other damp spots. If you’re thinking that you may have mold in your flooring, Cleanpro Portland Professionals will help you identify it, so you can do something about it!

How to Identify Mold in Your Carpet

Get Nosey

If you enter a room and get a sense of stuffiness, then mold may be close by! A moldy carpet has a very distinctive odor. It basically smells as if something damp was rotting in an unventilated space. If your nostrils detect this scent, then there’s your first sign of fungus!

Open Your Eyes!

Your nose has picked up the smell, now it’s time to use your eyes! Mold is not a pretty sight by any means, so search for it in your floor! You can identify it by taking notice of any blackish green spots. If you’ve found some in your carpet, then there’s definitely mold growing in it!

Feel It!

But how to know if those spots aren’t just unattended stains? To be completely certain, you’ll need to do a final test. Try touching the zone where you think mold is present (make sure to wash thoroughly after). If it feels spongy or damp, then luck isn’t on your side.

Take it Off

If possible, try to expose the affected carpeted area so you can see how bad the problem is! This will help you get a sense of the damage done. Plus, by doing so, you can determine if you can clean it yourself, if you’ll need professional help, or if you’ll need to replace the floor!

Get Rid of It! 

Carpet mold is tricky since many at-home remedies require water to clean it off (which may result in a damp and moldier carpet). If you’re in this conundrum, remember that you can trust in Cleanpro! We offer great service in carpet cleaning in Portland, with an ion exchange method that will leave your carpet dry and good as new! Call (503) 563-5451 today!

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