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Pets are fuzzy, fun and lovable. Sadly, they’re not the best for our carpets! Hair shedders are a special treat, since their fallouts get intertwined with our carpets and are a pain to remove.

If you’re in this situation and would like your pets and carpet to get along, Cleanpro Portland Professionals will give you some tips, so you can enjoy your carpet and pets at the same time!

Get Your Shedders and Carpets to Live Harmoniously Together


If possible, you should try to limit your pets’ roaming through the carpeted areas in your home to avoid their hair getting stuck in there!


A big tip for those with pets is to brush them regularly to remove a lot of the fallouts from their coats. This won’t prevent hair from getting in the carpet, but it can decrease it significantly.


Vacuuming constantly and thoroughly is key to avoid hair buildup in the carpet. There will be some hairs in there still, but there won’t be as much or as noticeable.


Lint rollers can be a big savor in this situation! Their sticky surface can pull up many of the hairs in your carpet, so give them a try at home.

Brush Again

This time, we’re talking about the carpet! Get a carpet softener and with a gentle brush, go through your carpet. This will get a lot of those stucked hairs out!

Get Rid of the Hairs Once and For All!

Even if you don’t have a pet, you’ll find hairs sticking out of your carpet like they’re mocking you. If you’re starting to see hairs (even after following these steps), or stains and other kind of filth in your flooring, Cleanpro team can help you out! Call (503) 563-5451 for a professional carpet cleaning in Portland!

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