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Your carpet requires especial attention, that’s no secret. To guarantee its amazing textureand neat look, there are some things you should know; do you know what they are?

If you are having problems keeping your carpet tidy, don’t worry! At Cleanpro in Portland, we have a few tips, that will give to your carpet the treatment it needs.  

Keep in mind the following things:

Vacuum Cleaning

You should vacuum at least once a week to remove grit, dust and other particles that could damage your carpet’s fibers. A good way to reach every corner, is dividing the surface in quadrants. Remember to go through each section thoroughly before cleaning the next one.   


Act as fast as possible to remove spills. Keep in mind that, the longer a stain stays on your carpet, the more difficult it will be to remove it in the future.  


There is an incredible amount of cleaning solutions out there, all of them promise to get rid of stains. Our biggest tip? Test any solution in a hidden small portion of your carpet before you apply it on a larger area. That way, you will avoid any larger damage.

Calling the Professionals

Don’t forget that you should hire professional cleaners at least once a year. It should be more often if you have children or pets!

If you are having problems with a particular stain, odor or you found any of these signs; it’s time to call the professionals.

If you haven’t tried the unique Cleanpro system, what are you waiting for? One of its many advantages is that it dries in 1-2 hours. Forget about waiting for days, before stepping on your cleaned carpet.

So think about us, next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland. For free estimates, please call (503) 563-5451.

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