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Carpets get dirty; that’s the undeniable, unavoidable truth. We step on them, accidentally spill drinks or food on them, and even get them wet from time to time. All of this adds up with time and turns your floors into a carpeted monster.

Still, there are things you can do to prevent this horrible...
Halloween night is over! The eve of dressing up and trick or treating is done. Which means your kids have already started the gruesome task of eating all of the sugary goods they’ve recollected!

But, as you’ve learned over the years, the scariest part of Halloween aren’t the monsters and ghouls,...
We know that this summer is a wonderful season to spend some time with your kids at home. It’s an opportunity to try out different outdoor and indoor activities that your kids are not very likely to do any other time of the year. It is also a time where your household may get a little dirtier...
At CLEANPRO-Portland, we care about you. We understand what water can do to your carpet. We want to help you prevent carpet water damage. Let’s keep in mind is that a wet carpet are likely to produce mold. Even if you cannot see mold on your carpet’s surface, that does not mean that mold growth...
At CLEANPRO Portland we care about you and your family. When it comes to cleaning, for some people, water seems to be just everything they need. Water seems to clean everything, right? However, you’d better think twice before using water to clean your carpet. In fact, good carpet cleaning takes...
They’re cute, embraceable and great companions but dogs are still animals and they don’t know carpet etiquette. Dirty paws, hair shedding and drool will make their way into your carpet. Soon enough, you’ll have stained, smelly and hair filled flooring in your home. That’s not only unappealing but...
When first installing a carpet, you’re excited: it brings your living room together, it’s clean, fresh and adds texture to your floors.

But, soon enough, life starts to happen: accidents, bad maintenance and everyday occurrences, slowly but surely, transform your soft wonderland into a dull...

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