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Our carpets keep us warm in the winter, provide comfort, and even style to our home. Still, they need to be properly maintained in order to ensure their cleanliness. Not only that, but an unkempt carpet can provide a sweet spots for a ton of harmful organisms to live in!

In this post, Cleanpro...
Daily use, spills, pets and many other things can make your upholstered furniture dirty - giving to your home an untidy look. Taking care of your upholstery will not only provide a great environment, but it will extend the life of the fabric.

If you are wondering how to take care of your...
Having carpets in your home provides an unique environment and an amazing underfoot feeling. No wonder why many people choose to have this great great amenity. There is one simple thing you can do to keep your carpet in great conditions: removing your shoes.

There are a few good reasons to remove...
Installing a carpet in your house is a big step. It will provide an amazing underfoot feeling, it will give to your home the unique touch you are looking for and it will also reduce noise.

Yet, there is a troubling question you are probably asking yourself: what color should I choose? Don’t...
Pets are fuzzy, fun and lovable. Sadly, they’re not the best for our carpets! Hair shedders are a special treat, since their fallouts get intertwined with our carpets and are a pain to remove.

If you’re in this situation and would like your pets and carpet to get along, Cleanpro Portland...
Mold is a pain! It’s horrible in almost every aspect: it smells bad, looks horrible, damages our stuff, and can even cause some respiratory illnesses. The thing is, it’s everywhere, which means you can’t keep it away forever!

Even though you can prevent it from becoming a problem, an oversight can...
Your carpet requires especial attention, that’s no secret. To guarantee its amazing textureand neat look, there are some things you should know; do you know what they are?

If you are having problems keeping your carpet tidy, don’t worry! At Cleanpro in Portland, we have a few tips, that will give...
If you recently decided to install carpet in your house, that’s a great choice! You are about to give a big step to create the comfortable and warmth environment your home was missing. Lopped, textured or frieze it doesn’t matter! We are sure you will find the carpet style that will meet your...
Smoking is a bad habit, that besides the well known health issues it causes; it also gives to your carpet an unpleasant smell. If your previous tenants weren’t careful enough, and they left a cigarette odor behind them, don’t worry!

At Cleanpro in Portland, we want that you and your family live in...
As you can see, most of the tips that will keep your carpet tidy involve your vacuum cleaner. It’s a fundamental gadget that we neglect most of the times, but it also needs regular maintenance. Have you checked your vacuum cleaner lately?

At Cleanpro in Portland, we know the importance of having a...

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