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When it comes to taking care of your carpet there are times where you will need to rely on professional help. With so many steam companies and other carpet cleaning services out there it is easy to get overwhelmed. That is why today at Portland Cleanpro we want to talk about the things you need...

Carpet Cleaning With Pets and Kids

Dealing with tough stains and unusual mishaps on the carpet can be both frustrating and time consuming, not to mention irritating. At Cleanpro Portland we know that caring for your carpet is not always easy that is why we provide easy and fast solutions...
The carpet is truly the center of attention when you open the door, it will either make your house look clean or neglected. The best way to enjoy a clean home is to keep your carpet in the best conditions possible. That is why at Cleanpro in Portland we want to discuss stains and just what you...

How to Get Rid of Old Carpet Stains

While carpet can add a warm and welcoming feel to your home over floorboards, they also come with their own level of maintenance. If you have managed to accumulate fruit juice or dirt stains in your carpets, Portland Cleanpro has an easy way to help lift out...

How to Remove Those Unwanted Carpet Odors

While we need to accept that carpets aren't going to stay fresh forever, it doesn't mean that we have to accept odors, either. If you've noticed a smell in a patch of your carpet, Cleanpro has a trick that just may help.
  1. Start by...

Prevent Mold Damage in Your Home

With the rapid rate in which mold grows it can seem like keeping your home protected can be an impossible task. For this reason, CleanPro Portland has put together a few easy to follow tips to keep your home clean and safe from mold damage.
  • Regular Cleans Are...

At Portland Cleanpro we are happy to share some advice regarding the maintenance of the carpet in your stairs. We have talked about carpeting the stairs a lot, what to consider, and the advantages it can provide. Now, we want to talk about how to care for and clean them.

Caring for the Carpet on...

In a previous post we talked about several factors to take into consideration before carpeting the stairs. Today the experts at Portland Cleanpro want to tell you what are the advantages you will have if you do decide to Carpet your Stairs.

4 Benefits of Carpeting the Stairs

  • Safety- One of the...
  • 09/14/2015
    To carpet the stairs or not? That is the question. Carpeting the stairs is a great way to liven up your house and give it a luxurious fresh look.  It can also help change the entire view of a room or entrance without the trouble of having to do a huge home makeover.  However, for some it, may...

    Don’t Panic! How to Get Out a Red Wine Stain in Your Carpet

    We already covered how to remove that beer you spilled, but what about a vintage Bordeaux? Not to worry! While red wine has a reputation for being difficult to remove from your carpet, Cleanpro Portland, OR has these normal...

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