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Weather could be an impediment when it comes to your workout, but it shouldn't be an excuse. There is always a way to exercise, and for some that place is their home.
Here at Cleanpro in Portland, we care about your carpet, and we want it to be in perfect conditions. That’s why we tell you if it’s appropriate to work out on your carpet. 

Remember these points before your workout at home:


Some of the carpet materials could be abrasive to your skin, and there are certain exercises that may cause a rug burn! Plus if you work out on a daily basis you will eventually wear out your carpet. You may decrease the impact of your workout by doing it barefooted.

Is It Clean?

If you don’t clean regularly your carpet could be home to bacteria. If you add all that sweat and grease from your exercise; it may not be a great idea to work out on it.  

Ability to Move

Remember that your safety is first, and working out on your carpet shouldn’t represent a serious injury problem; although your balance could be compromised. Plus, there is a chance that you can drop your TV or that vase nearby. 


Keep in mind that a membership to a gym could be cheaper than having your carpet replaced. But If going to the gym, pool or any other facility is out of the question- there is a solution. You can buy a yoga mat! They are affordable and they can keep the damage to your carpet at a minimum. 

As you can see, working out on your carpet is not the best idea, but this shouldn’t stop you from a healthy way of life!

If you couldn’t resist the compulsion to work out in your house, and you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland to give back its tidy look- think about Cleanpro!

We have our unique cleaning system that you have to see it to believe it. For more information about us please call (503) 563-5451.

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