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Valentine’s Day is almost here and you know what that means: fancy dinner at home, gifts, chocolates and red wine. Still, all this lovey dovey celebration can leave an aftermath in your carpet if you accidentally spill the wine!

Red is the color of love but it’s probable that you don’t want it in your carpet. Even though red wine is one of the harder substances to eliminate from your flooring, the Cleanpro Portland Professionals has a few tips so you can fall back in love with your carpet if a mishap occurs!

Restore Your Lovely Carpet from the Evils of Red Wine!

Act Fast

The faster you act, the more probable it’ll be to actually clean the wine off. The moment you notice the spill, run to get your cleaning supplies so you can make it disappear asap!

Eliminate the Excess

Grab a clean towel and get the excess wine out! Careful not to press on it too hard to avoid it sinking further into the carpet. And work from the border in, so it doesn’t spread any more!

Add a Little Bit of Salt

Unlikely as it may seem, adding salt can be really helpful because it can absorb the wine that’s gotten deep into the carpet. Leave it for a while and vacuum it afterwards to continue cleaning! 

Mix it Up to Blot, Dab, and Tap!

You’ll need to mix warm water, dishwashing soap and vinegar. Then, with a sponge or clean cloth, dab the affected area (don’t soak the carpet!). If the stain is stubborn, leave the mixture act on it before blotting again. Repeat this process until it’s completely gone!

Let it Breathe

Now that you’ve successfully controlled this situation, the final step is to let your carpet rest and dry up completely! This is crucial because neglecting to do so can result in carpet mold!

Spilling Valentine’s Day wine on your carpet doesn’t have to turn into a hateful situation! Don’t let it ruin your day and clean it up nicely with the steps mentioned in this post!

And, if the stain is really in there and seems impossible to get out, call (503) 563-5451 to get Cleanpro for a professional carpet cleaning in Portland! We’re sure to leave your home feeling and looking good as new!

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