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Carpet Cleaning Information and Helpful Vacuum Maintenace Advice

Just as we discussed in our previous post, the summer takes a toll on your carpet and requires a more constant use of the vacuum. This means that your vacuum will probably benefit from maintenance and some extra care. With this in mind, we want to share some important vacuum maintenance advice, that will help both your vacuum and your carpet stay in top shape.

Carpet Cleaning and Vacuum Maintenace Go Hand in Hand

All carpets need maintenance, a regular cleaning routine and deep cleaning from a professional service. Portland Cleanpro offers the highest quality services that will keep your home clean and will simplify the care of your carpet. Contact us immediately. Just like a carpet needs cleaning and maintenance, so does your vacuum. A clean vacuum will facilitate a clean carpet, so the first thing you need to do is to make sure you keep your vacuum clean. The vacuum bag is the place to start.  Regularly change it and never allow it to get too full otherwise, your vacuuming efforts will be in vain.

The Filter in Your Vacuum Has an Important Role and Needs to Be Kept in Good Shape

The vacuum filter is the next thing to clean. The filter is an essential component that allows the vacuum to stay clean internally. Not all vacuums are the same and each has a different type of filter. Some vacuums may even have more than one filter. Take into consideration the material of the filter. Some filters such as bags just need to be replaced while others, others can be washed. Foam filters can sometimes be rinsed but always need to be dried out before returning it into the vacuum. Some filters made of plastic can be dusted off over the trash and just cleaned out. Follow the manufacturer´s instructions for more specific details on how your vacuum filter needs to be cleaned and how often it should be replaced.

Clean the Suctioning Bottom of Your Vacuum and Be Sure to Avoid Clogs

  You also need to make sure the floorhead of the vacuum is not obstructed by filth. Take a look underneath the part that suctions out the dirt on your carpet. Check to make sure it isn´t full of hairs, dust bunnies, and sections of debris. If it does have any of these things you need to clean it right away. Otherwise, you will be spreading around the dirt and other stuff that is lingering there. It can also make the suctioning less efficient and cause you take twice as long vacuuming because you´ll have to go over the same area several times. So, always make sure to clean out the bottom before vacuuming and after.

Other Important Vacuum Care Tips

  • Always check the floor before you start vacuuming. Before you vacuum, you need to always look around to see if there are any baby socks, coins, and other small but harmful items. Not picking up these type of items can present a hazard for your vacuum because it will get damaged if they are accidently suctioned.
  • Care for the cord. It may seem silly or insignificant but the cord is also important. It helps power up the vacuum and if it becomes damaged it can present many problems. A peeled cord is dangerous because it can ignite a fire when close to the carpet. If you constantly pull on the cord or often treat it roughly it can start to present problems and may eventually stop powering the vacuum.
  • Stay alert. You should always pay attention to the regular noises and sounds that your vacuum makes. That way you can immediately distinguish an unusual noise that may be a sign of something  going wrong. This also means you should stay on top of how often it seems to need cleaning and when performance decreases and needs more extensive maintenance.

The Best Way to Care for Your Carpet and Your Vacuum With Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Tigard

Proper vacuum care is important and it should be an essential part of your carpet cleaning routine. It can help maximize your vacuuming results. Yet, it is always necessary to consider that a vacuum can only do so much for your carpet. For a true and deeply clean carpet, you need the services of professional carpet cleaners. Cleanpro Portland offers the most benefits at the best price. Contact us now at (503) 563-5451 and experience the advantage of the Cleanpro system for yourself.

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