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So, you’ve made the big decision, and know that it is time to replace your carpet. Once you’ve decided on something new to update your home, you’ll have the issue of getting rid of the old carpet. Surely you could leave it on the side of the road and hope the trash collectors pick it up, or perhaps see if the carpet installers will haul it off for you instead. However, there may be an option for putting at least some of that carpet to great use in your own home. It is with that in mind that Portland Cleanpro would like to assist you today, by making a few suggestions as to ways you can use pieces of old carpet for very practical purposes in your home. Don’t forget to get your new carpet cleaned as soon as you see the need. For carpet cleaning in Portland, be sure to contact us. 

For Your Pets

  • You can consider making a flap like ‘door’ for your dog’s house outside. You can do this by cutting out the appropriate size carpet flap and nailing it to the inside of the dog house. It will help to keep out both the rain and cold, keeping your animal safe, warm, and dry. 
  • If you find you’re more of a cat person, consider making a scratching post with your cat from scraps of carpet. Using either a board or post of some sort, staple the carpet to it and put it where your cat will see it and use it. You may consider placing it near something your cat is often scratching, or even near something you surely don’t want scratching to occur. This will help deter your cat from your favorite piece of furniture, let’s say, and give it something appropriate to use instead. 

In Your Garden

  • You can also use scraps of carpet as mulch. In flower gardens you’ll put the carpet pieces upside down and cover them with mulch. Then, plant your flowers as usual. This will prevent weeds from being able to come up and save you some weeding time. 
  • In your vegetable garden you can cut up the carpet into small scraps, making it almost like a mulch, and put it in the soil. 

In Your Home

  • Help keep your floors from being scratched by your furniture by making small furniture pads out of scraps of carpet. This way, when you move furniture across tile or wood floor surfaces, it will move much more smoothly and without damaging your beloved floor. 
  • You can also help to muffle the sounds of loud machinery in your home, such as your washer and dryer. Cut out a piece of carpet to place under each piece so as they are cycling, they’ll have a soft surface to move around, keeping your washing area much quieter. 
  • Speaking of making less noise, you can even consider padding the bottom part of your kitchen cabinets. This way, you can move around your pots and pans with more ease and less worry about making too much noise, especially early in the morning.
  • Carpet can be a great sound proofer in basically any situation, so consider using scraps where needed. 

Now that you’ve got some great uses for that old carpet, it’s time to focus on the new carpet. Remember that you should invest in a professional carpet cleaning service as least once a year. If you’re thinking it’s nearing that time for your carpet, contact Cleanpro for carpet cleaning in Portland. Call us to find out more about the services we offer and to set up a consultation with us today, (503) 563-5451. Remember, don’t just steam your carpets, clean your carpets with Cleanpro.

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