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At Portland Cleanpro we are happy to share some advice regarding the maintenance of the carpet in your stairs. We have talked about carpeting the stairs a lot, what to consider, and the advantages it can provide. Now, we want to talk about how to care for and clean them.

Caring for the Carpet on Your Stairs

Caring for the carpet on your stairs is very similar to caring for the carpet around the house. Although there are some specific differences the most important one to mention is the reduced space, that you will have to work with. Space is the main difference when it comes to comparing the cleaning needs of carpet in the stairs and those other carpeted areas in the house. The carpet in the stairs is a much more tight and reduced surface, that has many more corners. The corners in carpets may retain dirt and other particles more than a smooth and continuous surface. This is why it is necessary to have all the correct tools to clean a staircase when it is carpeted.

3 Main Tools to Clean the Carpet on Your Stairs

  1.  Stiff broom- Purchasing a stiff broom is not an expensive investment, but it is definitely an important purchase to make if you have carpet in your staircase. A stiff broom will help you clean your stair case daily. By sweeping the staircase carpet from top to bottom everyday you will help prevent dirt from accumulating in your carpet. Once the dirt has been gather at the bottom of the last step you may sweep it out or use any other method such as the vacuum to remove the accumulated dirt. Most brooms are very light weight and will make this daily chore simpler because it does not require you carry a heavy vacuum up and down your stairs every day. Just make sure that the broom you buy has stiff fibers and that the fibers are short and not very long, this will provide more efficiency when sweeping carpets.
  2. Hand held vacuum- This very handy tool will be very practical for cleaning your carpet stairs. If you sweep the carpet in the stairs at least daily, then you should vacuum the stairs every other day. At the very minimum you should be vacuuming the carpet in the stairs 2-3 times a week, depending on the amount of use your staircase receives on a constant basis. Vacuuming the stairs can turn into a difficult task if you have to carry your regular vacuum all over the stairs.Besides the fact that it is heavy, it might not be very efficient since it is most likely, too big to reach the corners of your staircase. That is why we recommend a light portable vacuum, or a medium sized, hand held vacuum, that is not heavy. This will help you reach the corners of the carpet and will facilitate the cleaning.
  3.  Professional Cleaning- It is also very important to have this tool under your belt. Knowing a good professional cleaner will alleviate the heavy load and assist you in keeping your carpeted stairs like new. Although constant sweeping and vacuuming will help maintain your carpet clean, time and constant use will wear out your carpet. Make sure you have a professional carpet cleaning service like Portland Cleanpro, to help you out when the carpet in your stairs needs a deep cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning in Portland

For carpet cleaning in Portland, there is no one like Portland Cleanpro. We are highly qualified professionals that can help you care for your carpet and your family. We clean with safe products that will not only leave your carpet looking like new, but your family safe and satisfied. For any and all your carpet cleaning needs contact us at (503) 563-5451.

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