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To carpet the stairs or not? That is the question. Carpeting the stairs is a great way to liven up your house and give it a luxurious fresh look.  It can also help change the entire view of a room or entrance without the trouble of having to do a huge home makeover.  However, for some it, may be a hard choice because they think it may end up being a hassle to clean. That is why, here at Portland Cleanpro  we want to give you a few tips to help you make this decision.

3 things to consider before you carpet the stairs

  1. Carpet Budget - Consider your carpet budget. First thing to take into consideration is the cost of the carpet and the installation. Take a look at how much you are willing to spend and remember that quality should be your priority. The cost of carpeting stairs depends greatly on the size of your stairs, the length, and the carpet you choose.  Costs can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000 dollars including installation. The $500 dollar range can be even lower when you have a friend help you install, or when you do it yourself. Shop around for carpets, and keep an eye out for online classified ads. Many times you will find something you like for a much lower price online,  than if you buy it at a store. You can always attempt to install it yourself, if your feeling adventurous, or know someone with experience.
  2. Carpet Style - Consider what kind of carpet style you want so that it matches your stairs. What style of carpet do you want? Depending on your stairs´ decor you might opt for something plain or a carpet with a design on it. Also, consider the look you want your staircase to give. If you want your stairs to give off a more fancy look, opt for red or copper colors or a fine gold design. If you want a more chic look on your stairs then you might choose some sort of animal print. If you are looking for a more clean and tidy look use plain colors or a very simple design.  For more tips on types of carpets and colors visit our Finding the Right Carpet post.
  3. Carpet Care - Another thing to keep in mind is carpet care.  Many times people will refrain from carpeting the stairs because they are concerned about the cleaning it requires. However when you know a great professional service like Cleanpro in Portland that can help you periodically maintain your carpets, then this is not an issue.  We advise you to take a look at our previous articles on carpet care, and getting a head start on stains. You can also browse our blog for more tips on maintaining your carpets like new. When in doubt just contact us and we will be happy to provide more advise on caring for your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning in Portland

Carpeting your stairs can bring you many benefits if you know how to care for it. If you are in the Portland area contact Cleanpro in portland and  feel confident about carpeting your stairs, and lean on us for support in maintaining it like new. For all your carpet cleaning needs call us today at 503-563-5451.

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