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Maximize Carpet Cleaning Results 

There is nothing like having a clean and fresh smelling carpet that didn t cost you sweat and tears all day. Hiring a carpet cleaning company is a great way to have your carpet looking spotless without having to go through the endless struggle of scrubbing, deodorizing, vacuuming and deep cleaning the carpet yourself. However, if you truly want to make the best of each professional carpet cleaning visit, there are still a few simple things you can do beforehand, to maximize the results. 

Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning Visit Ahead of Time 

When you call your carpet cleaner they will most likely let you know of any previous precautions or tasks you need to take care of before they arrive. If they do not give you detailed instructions on how you can prepare for their visit, ask them. Each cleaning company has their own policies and each carpet cleaner may have their own way of doing things so clarify your doubts and ask questions in anticipation. 

How to Prepare for a Professional Carpet Cleaning Visit 

 Plan for your children or pets. Children and pets may need to be away. This is not always necessary but it is important that you let the carpet cleaner know ahead of time so they can make adjustments or prepare in advance. Some pets may not tolerate certain odors or sounds and depending on the cleaning method they use it may be smarter to have your children or pets away when they clean the carpet. Also, not all professional cleaning methods are entirely safe for pets and kids. Do your research and ask what products and chemicals will be used. The Ion-Exchange process that Portland Cleanpro uses is completely safe and environmentally friendly. It is the most recommended cleaning system for carpet owners that want extremely clean carpet results but also care about the health and safety of their family. Call (503) 563-5451 today and experience the benefits of the most effective and safe carpet cleaning method on the market. 

Clear out the area. For the most part, carpet cleaning professionals do their best to be careful with your items and furniture but it doesn t hurt to go the extra mile and remove all things that are more delicate and store them in an area where you can keep more fragile items temporarily stowed away. Also, be sure you find out what items your carpet cleaner will move. Some cleaning services charge extra fees for larger more heavy items like king sized beds or large bookcases and televisions. 

Pick up the area. This is pretty common sense. You know where your items go and can quickly pick up the things on the floor and take them to the place they correspond. Your carpet cleaner will be much more efficient if the carpet area has been picked up and no small items or objects are laying around. 

Vacuum. The next thing you may want to do is to go through the carpet and run the vacuum to pick up any on the surface dust and particles before it gets thoroughly cleaned. Many carpet cleaning services will do this, but it is up to you if you still want to run the vacuum yourself before they arrive. However, some carpet cleaning companies might rely on you to get this done before they arrive so be sure to ask about this. if they recommend you do this or if they will take care of it firsthand. 

Inspect your carpet. Before the carpet cleaner arrives, you may also want to go through and inspect your carpet. As you do, try and take note of any spots or areas that are of special concern. If you find any stains that need to be dealt with try to also remember what caused the stain as this might help treat the spot correctly. Once the carpet cleaner arrives they will also do their own inspection but it will be more efficient if you have done one yourself and are now able to point out the spaces that need extra help and care. 

Tackle Hard to Clean Spots With Help From Professional Carpet Cleaners in Tualatin

Your carpet is pretty much the base of everything that goes on in your home. It can more or less reflect every party, incident, argument or accident that happened. Even though we do our best to clean up, pick up and eliminate traces that give away what went down in the house, our carpet may not always be great at keeping secrets. That is why it is important to take good care of our carpets and hire an expert professional that can truly help us remove all those small or big spots that each have a tale of their own. At Cleanpro Portland expert professionals are always ready to tackle any difficult carpet cleaning task. Contact them now at (503) 563-5451 and schedule an appointment today.  

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