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You may not be ready to part with the carpet in your home yet, and the truth is that you may not have to. However, today Cleanpro in Portland would like to share three sure signs to help you know when it is time. 

The first sign that it might be time, is if you are continuously and strategically moving furniture or rugs to cover up tears or stains you are unable to remove. If you have tried everything with those stains, and are seeing rips in the carpet, this is a great indication that your carpet was loved well and is in need of replacing. 

It is important to remember that the carpet padding is a part of your carpet as well. If you’re starting to notice slopes in the carpet, or odd odors you simply cannot get rid of, you may consider that your carpet padding has worn down, or absorbed one to many spills, causing an odor or even mold and mildew. 

Similarly, if you’ve started to notice increased allergies in your family or even your pets, think that it may be the carpet. If this is the case, you can certainly try cleaning it, but there may be hidden dangers you do not see, as in the carpet padding. 

If you’re not convinced as of yet, you may also try getting a carpet cleaning from the professionals at Cleanpro. Take note of our suggestions on how to prepare for a professional carpet cleaning. For carpet cleaning in Portland, be sure to contact us at (503) 563-5451. Remember, Don’t Just Steam Your Carpets, Clean Your Carpets!

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