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Mold is definitely an unwanted guest in your home, as it can damage your property and trigger allergies. These fungi thrive on dark and humid places and they need a food source to survive, that’s why it’s not rare to find it in your carpet. If you find this problem in your home, don’t be intimidated. At Cleanpro in Portland, we created the following post containing a simple method to get rid of this unpleasant situation. 

Find the Area

Mold has a particular musty smell that will allow you identify it immediately, so make sure to inspect the area thoroughly. If your carpet is still wet, direct a fan directly to the spot and open your curtains and doors to increase the ventilation.   


Mix in a spray bottle 2 cups water and a 1 teaspoon liquid soap, use this solution on the area and use a clean cloth to blot the spot. Now, mix lukewarm water with 2 teaspoons white vinegar to neutralize the odor; again, you should dab using your cloth to remove any moisture. 


You can get rid of any lingering mold odors by using baking soda, plus this natural and powerful cleaner won’t affect your indoor air quality. Simply sprinkle a large amount of this compound on the spot you just cleaned and allow it to settle for 48 hours. You can use your vacuum cleaner to remove it and repeat as much times as necessary.  

Call the Professionals

Keep in mind that if the damage is too extensive or it has reached the carpet’s backing, you should call the professionals, as they have special equipment and experience to handle this problem. Remember that in certain cases, you will have to replace your carpet.

This simple method will allow you to bring back your carpet to it’s original condition, so you can continue enjoying its benefits. Also, don’t forget to read this previous post containing further information on carpet allergens.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland, you can always count on CLEANPRO. Our exclusive and advanced system uses very little moisture to overcome common problems from outdated methods. Call (503) 563-5451 to schedule a free estimate.  

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