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Accidents happen and very often. We can think a thousand reasons why a glass or a window could break leaving glass slivers on your carpet.

This will make impossible to walk around your house barefooted, and this becomes even more dramatic if you have a baby crawling or a beloved pet around the house!

We know that situation worries you! That’s why here at Cleanpro in Portland, we made a quick guide to help you removing all those glass fragments- that are potentially dangerous to you and your family.

Here's what you have to do:

Safety First

Put some gloves on to remove the bigger and most visible pieces, and put them in the garbage. If you can;  try to get some safety glasses to protect you from flying glass pieces, and always wear protective footwear until the area is cleaned!


Ok, this sounds very obvious, but the trick is to vacuum in different angles to get all the fibers in your carpet. Use three directions: right to left, left to right and diagonal to make sure you get all those small pieces.


Now that you are done, it's time to visually inspect the area. If you spot a small fragment, use the vacuum cleaner to remove it. Just to be sure, vacuum as much as you think it will take to get rid of all those tiny pieces! 

It’s that simple! We know how much you worry taking care of your loved ones and your home. If your carpet is missing that tidy look you want, and you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland;Cleanpro is what you need! Our innovative system will not only remove those stubborn stains, but it will also give it a brand new appearance. 

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