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How to Get Beer Stains out of Carpet

When beer is involved, men can become boys very quickly. Don’t let this boisterousness translate into you having clean carpets and rugs. Further to our guide on removing wax from carpets, Cleanpro Portland, OR has an easy way to quickly remove beer stains.


What You Need to Remove Beer Stains

  • Plan white paper towel or cloth
  • Bucket or bowl or warm water
  • Carpet detergent
  • Teaspoon of vinegar
  • Begin with the paper towel or cloth and gently blot the stain to remove and absorb any extra beer on the surface. Be sure not to put too much pressure as this will cause the liquid to move to the root of your carpet.
  • In your bucket or bowl, mix carpet detergent, warm water and a teaspoon of vinegar. Thoroughly soak the paper towel in the mixture and then squeeze damp before dabbing or blotting the cloth on the outside of the stain. Focus on small parts of the stain so as not to cause avoidable color discoloration.
  • If you find that this hasn’t remove the stain, give it another try. Beer stains can be a little stubborn and it may require repeated applications. Continue the above steps until the stain has gone away, and remember to leave your carpet to dry completely before attempting to remove
  • Now that your carpet looks like nothing ever happened, use some fresh paper towel and lukewarm water to gently soak up any excess cleaning mixture and leave your carpet to dry. That’s it!

Carpet cleaning in Portland

Try as we may, sometimes stains just won’t budge. If you have a stain that you can’t eliminate, speak with Cleanpro Portland, OR on 503 563 5451 about how our eco cleaning techniques can bring your carpet back to a state you don’t remember.

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