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Lighting candles in your home is the perfect way to create an amazing environment, especially during this upcoming Halloween. However you should be careful, a small distraction and that hot wax could end up on your carpet which may look like a very difficult thing to get rid of. Fear not! At Cleanpro in Portland, we would like to share with you an easy method to remove wax from your carpet.


Once the wax is spilled, wait a few seconds to allow it harden. Now you will have to place several ice cubes in a plastic bag or ice pack -  put the ice on the affected spot for a few minutes; remember that your main goal is to freeze the wax.


Now that the wax is frozen, use a blunt knife to get rid of it.  Just remember to be careful, your carpet’s fibers are very sensitive and you could accidentally untangle them, causing irreversible damage. 


Once you’ve scraped away as much wax as possible, use your regular cleaning solution to handle any stain. Keep in mind that you should never scrub your carpet, instead use a clean cloth and apply pressure to blot the solution -  you can also use your vacuum cleaner to remove any extra moisture. 

Don’t allow this minor setback to ruin your perfect and relaxing evening! These simple ideas will take care of that spilled wax in no time. Don’t forget to read this post containing some important carpet maintenance tips to take better care of your carpeting. 

Keep in mind that your carpet requires constant care to expand its lifespan and continue to provide you with that comfort you want in your house. At CLEANPRO, we developed a unique system that overcomes the problems traditional methods create - like wet carpets or residue. Make sure to choose us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland, and remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!” 

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