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If you recently decided to install carpet in your house, that’s a great choice! You are about to give a big step to create the comfortable and warmth environment your home was missing. Lopped, textured or frieze it doesn’t matter! We are sure you will find the carpet style that will meet your needs. 

Nowadays there are thousands of tutorials on the web that can walk you through the installation of your new carpet. DIY (Do it yourself) are very common and now you face the question: should I hire the professionals?

At Cleanpro in Portland we want you to enjoy your new carpet. That’s why we tell you some advantages and disadvantages of getting your carpet installed by yourself. 

Please Consider These Points Before Installing Your Carpet! 


This is an obvious one, you will save money if you do it by yourself. Just keep in mind that you have a lot of work ahead and it will eventually reflect in your knees and back. Also, remember that you will need the proper tools and equipment to do the job.

Finding a Contractor 

Carpet installation professionals usually guarantee their job and you can be sure that they have enough knowledge and experience, the problem is that this costs. Another option are independent contractors, although keep in mind that they may not have enough reputation and if they make a mistake your carpet warranty may not be honored. 

Do It Yourself

If you decided to do it yourself that’s great! You don’t need a degree to do it,  you can work at your own pace and you are responsible for the quality of the installation. Yet, you may come across some difficulties and if you did a poor job you will have to reinvest in materials. 

Either if you chose to install it yourself or you called the professionals, remember that carpet cleaning it’s great way to remove stubborn stains and keep it in tidy conditions. Just like when you installed it.

So next time you are looking for professional carpet cleaning in Portland, contact Cleanpro! Our trustworthy brand and our extraordinary cleaning system will give you unbelievable results that you won’t find elsewhere. For more information about us please call (503) 563-5451.

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