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The Different Types of Carpet Maintenance and Renewal

Many times a carpet may be so far gone past its point of salvation that it is best to just replace it. However, sometimes a filthy looking carpet can actually be saved and all it takes is the care of a professional carpet cleaner. Other times it truly requires more extensive restoration. It all depends on many different factors. In order to make the best decision, it is important to understand the difference between the options that you have.

Regular Cleaning vs. Professional Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning includes vacuuming, taking care of spills when they happen and treating spots before they become stains. Regular cleaning is the daily or routine maintenance that most homeowners need to complete regularly on their carpet. Professional cleaning should take place on a regular basis but not as often as regular carpet cleaning. Unlike regular cleaning, professional cleaning digs deeper into the carpet fibers and removes the accumulated dirt and other filth that may have penetrated. It also takes care of any problematic areas that are hard to clean by just vacuuming or regular cleaning.

When is Professional Carpet Cleaning Enough for Your Carpet?

Professional cleaning is the best option for most cases where a carpet is very dirty but it just requires some extra care and maintenace.  Not all professional cleaning services are able to provide the right type of safe and effective dirt and gunk removal options. Some types of carpet cleaning methods are much more effective and safer than others. To learn more about the different types of cleaning methods and which is the best carpet cleaning method visit the previous post here.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Requirement for All Carpets in Order to Properly Maintain Them

Professional carpet cleaning is necessary for all carpets even if they are taken care of properly and cleaned regularly all carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year. Even if the carpet does not appear very dirty or seems to be very well-kept there are many lurking allergens and dirt particles that make their way deep withing the fibers. These particles will continue to increase and hide well, below the carpet surface, and over time can cause noxious health effects and increase air pollution in your home. Carpets that do not get regular maintenance and prolong the professional care they require will wear out fast and need to be replaced much sooner. Portland Cleanpro offers the highest-quality professional carpet cleaning services. The Cleanpro System ensures a much longer carpet durability and a safer, more clean, environment for your family. Contact Portland Cleanpro today to learn about their complete services.

When Is Carpet Restoration the Best Solution to a Filthy Carpet?

Carpets that have been neglected for far too long will require more than just professional carpet cleaning. Depending on how bad the carpet has been uncared for it may require light or extensive restoration. Restoration is required in carpets that have excessive and deep penetrated stains, decoloration, very worn out fibers and other accumulated problems. Restaurant carpets are usually the most prevalent prospects for restoration, especially when the problem is centered on a certain area and the budget does not allow for a replacement of the entire carpet.  Carpet restoration may include patching, unraveling fibers, recoloration and harsh and deep stain removal techniques.

Sometimes It Is Best to Consider Replacing the Carpet

In many cases, it is best to replace a carpet than try to see if it can be restored because the results may not be worth all the extra effort. Most carpets last around 5-7 years depending on the care they are given. Carpets made with cheaper materials last 3-5 years and those of higher quality can last between 5-9 years. It is recommended that you don´t keep a carpet for longer than 10 years even when regular maintenace is given. Very old carpets need to be replaced even if regular maintenance is given because they can start to create a high amount of allergens and air pollution. Carpets that have years of neglected care will usually need to be replaced much sooner. Also, highly excessive filth and more permanent stains along with worn out fibers can mean the carpet may be better off removed and replaced.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

When in doubt, contact a professional and have them give you their expert opinion and ideas on how to best make the right choice. Not all dirty carpets need restoration or replacement, many just require the right professional carpet cleaning services. Call Portland Cleanpro at (503) 563-5451 and get ahold of the best carpet cleaning professionals today.

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