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If you are currently struggling with that stubborn stain or pungent odor in your carpet, it’s time to call the professionals. Remember that this service is recommended at least twice a year to maintain your carpet’s fibers, which will extend its life and will keep your home environment clean and tidy. 

A frequently asked question is what customers can do to prepare their homes prior to the professional’s arrival. For this reason, at Cleanpro in Portland, we have a few suggestions that can make our job easier. 

Parking Spot

Keep in mind that we transport our equipment in our van, and it is heavy to carry around. Make sure to save us a spot close to the entrance, so we don’t have to drive around the neighbourhood and waste time. 

Clear the Area

You can remove small furniture, pin up long curtains and remove any fragile objects like vases that could fall and break. As a trustworthy company, we will never take any valuable objects, however, if it makes you feel safer, take them with you. Don’t forget to confine your pets in a safe and quiet room, so we don’t disturb them.


If there is an area that requires special attention, write it down so you don’t forget to tell us about it. If you have stubborn stains, dust build up or pungent odors remember to mention them so we can treat it. 

These simple recommendations will not only make our job easier, it will also help us to serve you better - so feel free to follow them. Also, be sure to read this post containing some characteristics professional carpet cleaners should have

Don’t waste your time and money with those companies that use traditional methods. At CLEANPRO we developed a unique Ion Exchange Process that uses very little moisture to deliver you unbelievable results that our competitors can’t match. Think about us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland

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