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At CLEANPRO-Portland, we care about you. We understand what water can do to your carpet. We want to help you prevent carpet water damage. Let’s keep in mind is that a wet carpet are likely to produce mold. Even if you cannot see mold on your carpet’s surface, that does not mean that mold growth is not in progress.

Mold may produce allergens. These are substances that can make some people suffer from allergic reactions, as well as irritants. In some cases, even mycotoxins may appear producing some potentially toxic substances.

The best way to prevent mold creation is to make sure that your carpet is always clean, and if it’s not, that it is cleaned properly.

Here are a few good ideas in order to prevent carpet water damage:

1. Watch your indoor humidity. Humidity is the best ally for mold growth and dust mite population growth.These are known as indoor allergens and they can set off allergic sensitivity that lead to problems such as rhinitis and asthma. If the indoor humidity is too high, experts recommend you treat the problem with dehumidifiers, ventilation, air conditioning and even with what you put on your floors. A range of 30% to 60% humidity is acceptable for interiors.

2. Check if the your carpet is in a good place. It is a good idea not to install your carpet in areas that are likely to be subject to frequent high moisture.  A carpet in a bathroom or a basement is not always a good idea.

3. Choose high-quality carpet padding. Before you install your carpet, you may want to consider investing in a high-quality padding that prevents your new carpet from matting and crushing underfoot. This will also help ventilation between fibers and the floor, making vacuuming easier and offering its own level of protection.

4. Never allow standing water. This may be the most serious situation to avoid. Standing water will rapidly ruin your carpet.  Any leak or spill on your carpet must be immediately cleaned and dried.

5. Clean Smart. Steam Cleaning (hot water extraction) is notorious for leaving carpets wet for up to two or more days. You will definitely want to try a more effective approach that will deeply clean and dry your carpet within 1 to 2 hours. The CLEANPRO® CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM used by CLEANPRO Portland ensures that your carpets will be perfectly clean and not be overly wet.

It is important that if you want to avoid having your carpets wet for days from methods such as steam cleaning, you’d better try out the fast dry time by CLEANPRO Portland. In one or two hours, you'll have dry and clean carpets. We guarantee that the results that you will obtain from CLEANPRO Portland, cannot be outperformed by anything else on the market. Call us now!

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