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If you’ve got wall to wall carpeting in your home, it’s likely become second nature for you to walk across its softness and not even think about how much you love it. However, if you’ve got an area of carpet that is beginning to show wear and tear or that has a stain you can’t seem to rid it of, then you may begin to think it’s time to upgrade. Though that may be the case, you should first consider if pathing your carpet could be the solution instead. You can also consider using an area rug, although that will only mask the issue. If you do have area rugs in your home you wish to care for well, then check out our tips on caring for area rugs. Today Cleanpro in Portland would like to assist you with the specific topic of patching your carpet. 

Finding a Replacement Piece

You’ll need to start by locating the piece of carpet you’ll use to patch the troubling area. You should start with any pieces of carpet you may have left over from the installation. If that’s not an option then consider taking a piece of carpet from an area that is little seen or used. You may consider using carpet from underneath a large piece of furniture or better yet getting carpet out of a closet. 

Marking the Direction

Once you’ve located the piece of carpet you’re going to use, mark the direction the fibers are going in, by using tape and a marker. Do this on the piece of carpet you’ll be using to patch the area as well as the area surrounding the carpet which needs to be patched. 

Cutting and Pasting Fabric

After cutting out the piece of carpet you’re going to replace, remove it and cut out a piece of heavy fabric that is about 1 inch wider on each side than the carpet piece. Using fabric glue, glue the fabric into place on the underside of the surrounding carpet. Let it sit to dry for a bit. 

Placing the Carpet into Place

Next, using the same fabric glue or carpet glue, put the new piece of carpet into place. 

Final Touches

Allow for the glue to dry overnight before you vacuum. You can, however, run your fingers around the edges of the patch in order to begin mixing the fibers together. 

Once you’ve patched up the problem area you may begin to notice that the rest of your carpet could benefit from a great professional clean. Cleanpro uses a green, safe cleaning system that we’d be glad to tell you more about. For carpet cleaning in Portland, remember to contact us at (503) 563-5451.

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