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We fall, we cut ourselves, we run into things, we break stuff, and we make a whole mess. Accidents happen all the time! The thing is, that sometimes, we or a loved one can start bleeding because of it! In these cases you should act fast and tend to the wound.

Still, after you’ve made sure that the...
Valentine’s Day is almost here and you know what that means: fancy dinner at home, gifts, chocolates and red wine. Still, all this lovey dovey celebration can leave an aftermath in your carpet if you accidentally spill the wine!

Red is the color of love but it’s probable that you don’t want it in...
There are thousand ways to clean carpets, and when it comes to clean a stain almost everyone will give you their own secret formula or cleaning method.  But what about the professionals? There are a series of myths, that you should be aware when you are looking for the best way to treat...
Accidents happen and very often. We can think a thousand reasons why a glass or a window could break leaving glass slivers on your carpet.

This will make impossible to walk around your house barefooted, and this becomes even more dramatic if you have a baby crawling or a beloved...
We all want to achieve that perfect home where everything is spotless and where everybody lives harmoniously. Nonetheless, it requires hard work! You need to be organized and follow a schedule that will keep you on track to get everything done.

If you’re willing to give it a try, the Cleanpro...
For many of us, the new year brings an opportunity for renewal; a clean slate to begin the year right. This is why we strive to organize everything in our life before it starts so we can set a precedent of how the upcoming year will be like.  

Your carpet (and your house’s overall...
The holidays are here and along with the spirit of camaraderie, come the gifts! Thinking about what you really want this season can be hard.

So, if you’re undecided about getting a carpet, the Cleanpro Portland Professionals will share with you a few reasons why this staple item should be in your...
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Carpets get dirty; that’s the undeniable, unavoidable truth. We step on them, accidentally spill drinks or food on them, and even get them wet from time to time. All of this adds up with time and turns your floors into a carpeted monster.

Still, there are things you can do to prevent this horrible...
Halloween night is over! The eve of dressing up and trick or treating is done. Which means your kids have already started the gruesome task of eating all of the sugary goods they’ve recollected!

But, as you’ve learned over the years, the scariest part of Halloween aren’t the monsters and ghouls,...

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