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If you are currently struggling with that stubborn stain or pungent odor in your carpet, it’s time to call the professionals. Remember that this service is recommended at least twice a year to maintain your carpet’s fibers, which will extend its life and will keep your home environment clean and...
As a great homeowner, you provide your home with the cares it needs so you and your family can feel comfortable. However, there is one detail that can be easily overlooked, and that is the lingering odors in your home. 

By now, you are probably used to those smells in your home. Needless to...
Your carpet needs regular maintenance to continue providing you and your family with the comfort you deserve, and vacuuming it regularly is one of the best things you can do to keep it tidy - it removes debris and it helps to keep its fibers clean.

Vacuum seems like an easy duty, right? You only...
Organic is such a buzzword in our vocabulary today, and for good reason. We should be aware of what we are putting into our bodies and exposing our families to. Do you know that there are even organic carpet options? Organic carpet would consist of non-treated, natural, renewable fibers. A few...
If you have already experienced working with Clean Pro, then you know that we use a cleaning method that does not expose your family to harsh chemicals. You can be sure that with the Clean Pro system, your carpets are getting a great, environmentally friendly, clean. It is important to know what...
Carpet cleaning is necessary to keep your carpet tidy and in great conditions. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable and unprofessional “companies” out there, that are willing to take advantage of you.

At Cleanpro in Portland, we already told you some of the characteristics professional...
If you recently decided to install carpet in your house, that’s a great choice! You are about to give a big step to create the comfortable and warmth environment your home was missing. Lopped, textured or frieze it doesn’t matter! We are sure you will find the carpet style that will meet your...
Smoking is a bad habit, that besides the well known health issues it causes; it also gives to your carpet an unpleasant smell. If your previous tenants weren’t careful enough, and they left a cigarette odor behind them, don’t worry!

At Cleanpro in Portland, we want that you and your family live in...
As you can see, most of the tips that will keep your carpet tidy involve your vacuum cleaner. It’s a fundamental gadget that we neglect most of the times, but it also needs regular maintenance. Have you checked your vacuum cleaner lately?

At Cleanpro in Portland, we know the importance of having a...
Weather could be an impediment when it comes to your workout, but it shouldn't be an excuse. There is always a way to exercise, and for some that place is their home.
Here at Cleanpro in Portland, we care about your carpet, and we want it to be in perfect conditions. That’s why we tell...

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