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For many of us, the new year brings an opportunity for renewal; a clean slate to begin the year right. This is why we strive to organize everything in our life before it starts so we can set a precedent of how the upcoming year will be like.  

Your carpet (and your house’s overall cleanliness) may be among those details that you want to take care of so your year can start on the right foot! To help you out, the Cleanpro Portland Professionals will share tips so you can have “new flooring” for the new year!

5 Steps to A New-Looking Carpet!


Bad odor is the dead giveaway that a carpet is old and dirty! You don’t want to start the year with that godawful smell do you? Sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda all over your stinky carpets and let it absorb the smell. Then, vacuum the baking soda and the stench away!


Stains and dirt make dull carpets that are not only horrible to look at, but they give your whole house a dirty feel! To get rid of them, vacuum to lift any dirt from the carpet. Then, spot treat the affected areas with a mix of vinegar and water. Blot the stains and dirt off with paper towels until your carpet’s shine is back!


Like many things in life, carpets lose its softness and fluffiness with time. Luckily, you can have it back just in time for the new year! Firstly, vacuum good! Then, with an ice cube, go through especially unfluffy areas to lift them up again. To finish off, mix dishwashing soap and water to dab on the carpet with paper towels. Allow it to dry and there you go!


Vacuuming on a regular basis is a must to have a new-looking carpet for a longer time! At the same time, be sure to attend to any spills or accidents the moment they happen so you can increase your chances of getting rid of them.

Professionally Deep Clean

Lastly, to have a seemingly new carpet to start your year, you should consider calling a professional carpet cleaning service to come and do the job! This way you’ll be 100% assured that your carpet is as good as new. Remember that if you want carpet cleaning in Portland, you can call (503) 563-5451 to get the Cleanpro Portland Professionals! You’ll get a professional deep clean that will help you hit the ground running on the new year!

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