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Carpet Cleaning Tips That Every Pet Owner Should Know

Having a pet can bring great joy to a home but it can also bring additional mess, stains, and more wear on your carpet. At first, it may seem like a lot of  work but with the right tricks, tips, and cleaning solutions, you can simplify your carpet care tasks. Today, at Portland Cleanpro we want to share even more information on this topic, because carpet cleaning shouldn´t be a struggle even if you have pets.

Helpful Ways to Tackle a Pet Mess

In our previous post, we discussed how to deal with solid pet accidents and quickly mentioned that it is best to use a carpet cleaner stain and odor remover to treat the area. These types of stain and odor removers are commercially available but will usually be marked at a high price or contain several chemicals that could be harmful, which is why we want to share a quick and simple way to make your own.

DIY Carpet Cleaner for Dealing with Pet Stains Including Ones That Have Settled In

This DIY method does not require much work or many ingredients all you need is white vinegar and baking soda and has been one of the most effective and proven ways to work in older pet stains, which usually tend to get smellier and darker over time. First, pour white vinegar over the area, enough to soak the area where the accident happened, then pour enough baking soda to cover the area on top of the vinegar. You will see the baking soda start to clump up and turn yellowish as it absorbs the stain. Make sure you let this sit for a day or two as it will continue to absorb the stain, you may want to cover the area with a bowl larger than the spot so that no one steps on it. Once you have let it sit, scoop up the baking soda clumps, clean the area and suction out any residue with a vacuum or handheld suction extractor. Since for some the smell of vinegar is also not very pleasant, it would also be a good idea to spray an odor remover once you have completed with the actual stain clean-up. You can make your own pet odor remover with two parts water and one part Listerine like we mention in our previous post, here.

Get Help From the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Washington County

Dealing with all types of pet stains, wear and other meses in your carpet may not always be easy. There are times when the carpet seems filthy and unclean not beacuse of a lack of cleaning but rather because of the constant wear it puts up with. In these cases even regular cleaning may not be enough. If your carpet is looking dull, filthy even after vacuuming, its time you call a professional. Contact Cleanpro Portland now, and get your carpet transfored today.

How to Deal with Pesky Pet Hair Caught on the Carpet

Another common problem with pets and carpet is pet hair. Many cats and dogs constantly shed hair that will easily end up stuck between the carpet strands. Even vacuuming many not be enough and can actually press down some shorter fur hair deeper into the carpet. The best way to deal with this problem is to have a handy tool necessary. Some pet owners like to use special hand brushes that are made for this or even a squeegee to clean out the pet hair stuck to the carpet but a carpet rake may be more helpful as it does not require as much kneeling and bending down. There are several types of carpet rakes and the trick is to lightly spray the area with water just enough to dampen it a little before raking. You may also wet the end of the rake, especially if it is a sort of hard rubber, but depending on the type of surface it may not be as helpful.

Pets and Carpet Cleaning in Washington County

Remember that although it is recommended that you clean your carpet professionally at least once or twice a year, having pets in your home will increase this need to at least three times a year.   However, many carpet cleaning methods can be harmful to you and your pets, not to mention the environment. Carefully selecting the type of method you hire to get the job done is also crucial to the health of your family. Our special Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System remains the safest most effective completely environmentally friendly method. It is not difficult to have your carpet looking amazing, even if you have pets, all you need to do is dial (503) 563-5451.

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