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All children are characterized by their extreme curiosity in new things usually without considering the consequences. This causes problems like fingerprint marks and other stains on furniture, walls, and carpets. If you have kids, you can’t do anything to prevent these completely in your home, but when such mishaps occur, it’s not the end of the world. In these situations, Portland Cleanpro has a few pointers to easily clean those unsightly stains from your carpet, and continue to let your house shine like new.

Chocolate Stains:

The nightmare of every parent-chef is to see those delicious desserts they’ve prepared end up on the carpet; do not worry about how disastrous it looks, you can remove these stains! 
  • If it was liquid chocolate that has dried, you need to first gently scrape up as much of the dry chocolate as possible. Then, put down multiple layers of paper towels and use a slightly warm iron to melt and absorb the chocolate. Keep doing this and then let it cool and do it again until the chocolate is mostly absorbed. Finally, use hot water and soap to blot the remaining chocolate out of the caret. NEVER SCRUB OR IT WILL PUSH THE STAIN IN FURTHER!
  • If it's hot chocolate with milk, you need to blot the stain with a damp sponge or clean towel and a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Be very careful not to flood the area, and dab gently until the stain is removed. When the stain is gone, pat dry with a clean cloth.

Grass Stains:

A favorite activity of many children is going out to the park or garden for outdoor games and fun. When they return, it is impossible to prevent some grass from being tracked inside and ground into the fibers of the carpet. If this happens, the easiest way to clean the carpet is with a mix of mild detergent and warm water (avoid using a tinted detergent - laundry soap works best for this). Blot from the outside of the stain to the center with white rags or paper towels until it’s gone.

Remember, to really treat these stains, first you have to be patient. You will also need to use a lot of elbow grease! However, don’t worry, after these easy tips to remove chocolate and grass stains from your carpet, your house can look awesome and beautiful again. Don’t forget to have your carpets professionally cleaned periodically to get deep into the hardest to clean areas. If you would like more information about carpet cleaning in Portland, contact us today at (503) 563-5451 to schedule an appointment.

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