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Don’t Panic! How to Get Out a Red Wine Stain in Your Carpet

We already covered how to remove that beer you spilled, but what about a vintage Bordeaux? Not to worry! While red wine has a reputation for being difficult to remove from your carpet, Cleanpro Portland, OR has these normal household items to try before you become too discouraged:


Mix Up Your Cleaning Solution

Open up your pantry, or stop by your local supermarket, and grab some white vinegar. Using equal parts dish-washing liquid and white vinegar diluted with some water, mix up a solution. Make sure to only use white vinegar, as others such as apple cider or balsamic may remove the red wine but also leave their own unique stains.


Saturate the Stain

Get a clean rag and dunk it in the dish-washing liquid-white vinegar-water mixture, then dab the stain repeatedly until it becomes saturated. As the cleaning solution seeps into the carpet fibers, it will begin to loosen the stain. Then grab a different dry rag to mop up the liquid as you go, alternating between wetting the stain with the cleaning solution, and then soaking up the liquid with your dry rag. You should be seeing the tint of red wine on the drying rag, as you are literally soaking up the wine along with the cleaning solution each time you blot the stain.


Soak it in Only Cold Water

As you notice the amount of red remaining on your carpet and coming off on the rag becoming less and less, you can now soak a third rag simply in cold water, using a similar method of dabbing with cold water and soaking up the water with a different, dry rag. This will also prevent any excess dish-washing liquid or white vinegar from remaining in your carpet.


Carpet Cleaning in Portland

Still having problems getting out that stain? Especially if the stain was allowed to dry beforehand, you may need to call in the professionals. Give Cleanpro Portland, OR a call at 503 563 5451 for any questions or to make an appointment today.

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