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Ideas to Make Carpet Cleaning Simple and Keep Carpet Clean for Longer

We understand how frustrating it can be to keep your carpet clean when life happens. With kids or pets are running around, and hectic schedules that leave very little time to get chores done, its a wonder most carpets even get vacuumed. As you may already know, vacuuming and keeping your carpet clean is one of those house chores that can immediately give away how often you clean, or not. In our previous post, we offered some great vacuuming tips to help make the most of your vacuuming efforts. Today, we want to discuss a few other tips and ideas that can help reduce the time and effort you put into vacuuming and keeping your carpet clean.

Use Carpet Protector to Avoid Messes That are Difficult to Clean

Like with many things, and especially house chores, the best way to spend less time cleaning is to prevent a big mess in the first place. Preventing big messes from taking over your carpet means avoiding them from penetrating or spreading. Everyday wear, spills, stains, and other accidents are usually what make the carpet dirty and hard to clean. A great way to avoid the mess from becoming a big problem or even hard to clean is to apply carpet protector. Carpet protectors allow the carpet to stay clean for longer and when a mess does happen it will be easier to take care of. They work by creating a shield against dirt, and other spills that would otherwise be absorbed by the fibers of the carpet. Carpet protectors are also great for carpets that are near windows or spots that are exposed to the sun, because they protect against this and allow the carpet to not deteriorate or fade as easily.

Cleanpro Carpet Protector Helps Makes Carpet Cleaning a Breez

Carpet protectors not only prevent stains, dirt and spills from being absorbed, they also can also help repel your carpet against bad odors. However, not all carpet protectors are the same. Cleanpro carpet protector is the ideal solution for homes that tend to get a lot of unwanted accidents and spills or that have constant traffic coming in. The Cleanpro Carpet Protector formula prevents the soot from penetrating, making clean-up simple and quick. Reduce the time and effort required to keep your carpet clean, contact us now and ask about our Cleanpro Carpet Protector.

Leave Shoes Behind to Keep Your Carpet Clean for Longer

When it comes to preventing dirt and other filth from entering your home, damaging your carpet and making it even harder to clean, leaving shoes behind can really make a difference. Making sure that shoes are taken off before stepping on the carpet is not an easy task, but it can render incredible results and will definitely help your carpet stay clean for longer periods of time. More than 90 percent of carpet wear and filth is caused by the dirty shoes that constantly step on the carpet. Shoes don´t just bring in dirt and soil, they many times have tiny pebbles and other harsh particles attached to them, that scrape and stain the carpet, quickly wearing it out.  Having a cute cubicle, rack, or any sort of assigned spot for shoes at the entrance of the house is a great idea. Also, a cute and friendly sign that states shoes are to be taken off and placed in that spot, is a nice and polite way to let guests know that taking off their shoes is greatly appreciated.

Use Mats and Rugs to Prevent Dirt From Spreading to Other Areas

The use of mats and rugs can also be a very beneficial contribution to help reduce the effort and frequency of cleaning the carpet. Place mats in entrances and where you transition from  hardwood to carpet or anywhere where it would be easy to pick up dust. It is easier to throw a light mat into the washer and get it clean, than having to scrubb away dirt and soil from the carpet.

The Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions at Your Fingertips in Sherwood

For the most effortless way to clean your carpet clean, and have it looking incredibly spotless reach out to the professionals. At Cleanpro Portland we have the most efficient carpet cleaning solutions and we are just a call away. Our extensive experience cleaning carpets using our effective Cleanpro method renders the most incredible results. Dial (503) 563-5451 today, and get ready to watch your carpet be transformed.

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