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Dangerous Substances and Carpet Cleaning Concerns

The air quality of your home depends greatly on your carpet. The carpet absorbs and releases all sorts of dust and dirt particles, and it can also store bacteria or other toxic particles. There are many factors that need to be taken into account in order to reduce the pollution caused by your carpet. That is why at Cleanpro Portland,  we want to share some important information on how you can lower the levels of carpet produced pollution in your home.

The Carpet Itself Can Be Formed of Harmful Subtances

Even before all the dust and pollution, a carpet on its own can be a danger to your health. Many carpets are made with materials that are categorized as volatile organic compounds. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a list of extremely hazardous substances, and some of the volatile organic compounds that carpets are composed of are on that list. Newly placed carpets also contain higher toxic products such as adhesives, flame retardants and other chemical treatments that cause negative side effects on your health. Take this into consideration when purchasing a new carpet and look for labels that say the carpet has tested negative for emission of dangerous chemicals. Also, if your carpet is very old it may be time to replace it. Very old carpets may have been produced with chemicals that are now illegal to use because they have been found highly harmful.

Prevent Air Pollutantinon in Your Home With The Best Professional Carpet Cleaning

As horrifying as it may sound, most carpets can hold eight times their weight in dust. The older the carpet is the more toxic particles it has accumulated and stored. This is especially true if the carpet has not been properly cared for. Dirt, dandruff, dust, and other residues can attach to a carpet over the years. Even with constant vacuuming or cleaning, the carpet may have deeply absorbed many of the residues, making it extremely difficult to thoroughly remove all of it. The best way to prevent filthy deposits of dirt and dust is to have the carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Always take into consideration the cleaning method that is used, as some types of carpet cleaning methods use chemicals that can leave residual substances that are also harmful. The CLEANPRO® Carpet Cleaning System is the safest and most efficient way to care for your carpet. Contact us now, and start improving the environment and air quality of your home.

Your Vacuum May Be Spreading Around More Allergens and Dirt Particles

Vacuuming is important and very necessary in order to reduce the dirt build up in your carpet. However, vacuums are not exactly perfect cleaning machines. While in use, vacuums can spread dust and other harmful particles. They can also store bacteria and toxic elements that are eventually released into the air. A study was conducted in which many different vacuums were tested to see if there was any vacuum that did not release allergens and other fine particles. The results proved that all vacuums even those with highly effective filters still released a small percentage of pollutants into the air. The same study also proved that the newer more expensive models where the vacuums that released the least dirt particles and that the older cheaper models released a greater amount of pollutants. Always remember to clean out your vacuum and remove debris that may be lingering around in the hose or other areas. Never let the vacuum bag get more than two-thirds full as this will only cause more air pollution when vacuuming.

Harmful Substances in Harsh Carpet Cleaning Products

Some commercial cleaning products have very toxic chemicals that are not all that beneficial to  your carpet or to your health. Many of those products include ingredients such as perchlorethylene, which over time can cause damage to your organs and nervous system. When using these type of strong chemical products the toxic particles can be absorbed and remain in the carpet.  Be very careful with the cleaning products you use in your carpet, avoid harsh chemicals and opt to use more natural cleaning methods such as baking soda and vinegar or othery diy alternatives.

The Most Natural and Safe Carpet Cleaning System in Tualatin

At Portland Cleanpro, we can help you maintain your carpet free of allergens and pollutants. The Ion exchange process that we use is one of the most advanced technologies for deeply cleaning and keeping your carpet safe from dirt and other particles. Call us at (503) 563-5451 and make an appointment today.

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