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Prevent Mold Damage in Your Home

With the rapid rate in which mold grows it can seem like keeping your home protected can be an impossible task. For this reason, CleanPro Portland has put together a few easy to follow tips to keep your home clean and safe from mold damage.
  • Regular Cleans Are Your Best Defence

    While surface cleans are great for regular dirt and buildup is a good way to keep your house looking clean, but it may not be addressing the problem or hidden areas. When planning the time for your next regular clean, double it, and spend the extra time getting to those places that always seem to get missed.
  • The Sun Is Your Friend

    During the day, keep curtains drawn and blinds open to allow as much light into your rooms as possible. The heat from the sun keeps the air in your home dry, preventing air based moisture to build up on your carpets, furniture and walls.
  • Don't Put off Repairing a Small Leak

    If you notice a small collection of water around your home but you aren’t sure where it’s coming from, it could be that there is a small leak. Leaks like this occur without you seeing them as they drip very slowly. If you discover water but can’t see where, inspect further and you’ll find there is a small hole in need of repair.
  • Take out the Trash

    Trash bins are one of the easiest places for mold to grow, so don’t let them pile up in your home or on your property. Stay vigilant with removing the trash from your home and always ensure that the bags are not broken and leaking. Leaking garbage bags that are left to rest against a wall can quickly become a mold problem.
  • Act Quickly When You See Mold

    There’s no point in waiting when you discover mold in your home. If you notice a small amount of mold, remove it immediately - don’t put it off ‘until your next clean’. These small problems can quickly grow into larger mold problems that can affect the air quality and cleanliness of your home.

Carpet Cleaning in Portland

One of the easiest ways to remove the buildup that can lead to mold growth in your carpet is a professional and thorough clean. Speak with an expert at Cleanpro Portland, OR on (503) 563-5451 and ask about how our CleanPro cleaning system can improve the quality of your carpets and help keep your home clean from mold.

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