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How to Remove Those Unwanted Carpet Odors

While we need to accept that carpets aren't going to stay fresh forever, it doesn't mean that we have to accept odors, either. If you've noticed a smell in a patch of your carpet, Cleanpro has a trick that just may help.
  1. Start by giving the area a thorough vacuum to remove dust and any loose fibers or pet hair. If you are looking to do a large area, consider breaking down the task into smaller and more easily managed areas as the next step requires you to stay off your carpets for an extended period.
  2. Take some sodium bicarbonate and lightly shake it over the area - leaving it to sit for about three hours. If you consider your odor to be heavy or you are looking to remove the odor from a heavily trafficked area, consider waiting until just before dinner, to allow it to sit without being walked on.
  3. Once the time has passed, take out your vacuum and give the area another good clean, ensuring you thoroughly remove all remaining sodium bicarbonate.
  4. If you are cleaning the area of an entrance way, you may want to use this as a fresh start and get some purpose designed carpet deodorizer to give your guests a grant welcome into your home.

Carpet Cleaning in Tualatin

This is a great way to easily remove odors from your carpet however, like all home made suggestions, there are just some stains and odors that are too strong for the task. For these instances, give the experts at Cleanpro on (503) 563-5451 and ask about the benefits of professional grade cleaning systems such as the CleanPro Cleaning System.

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