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Dust buildup is inevitable in your home, as it’s composed of several different particles that your fabrics, pets and even you produce. However, there are many ways to reduce this problem that can create an untidy environment in your home. That’s why at Cleanpro in Portland, we created the following post containing useful ideas on preventing dust buildup.


It’s no secret that regular cleaning will remove most of the dust in your home, however there are a few details you shouldn’t forget. Remember that your vacuum cleaner requires certain care to operate efficiently, so change or replace the bag once it’s ⅔ full. Use a damp cloth to dust your furniture and other surfaces, and don’t forget to include your upholstery in the cleaning calendar. 

Remove Clutter

Your clutter attracts dust and removing it is the most simple answer. Identify and store those things that you haven’t used in the past months, this will make your cleaning duties easier. Keep in mind that fabrics create dust, so keep your closet tidy and pack your items in clear plastic containers. 

Other Measures

Doormats are great to remove most of the dust in your soles, however you should also consider removing your shoes in your home. Your pets are also responsible for bringing and creating dust in your house, so bathe and groom them frequently. 

Keep in mind that dust is not only undesirable, but it can also trigger allergies, so don’t forget about these simple ideas that can lessen this problem. Also, winter is almost over and there are certain activities you should carry out to prepare for the next season, be sure to read our guide on spring cleaning

Remember that professional carpet cleaning is crucial to provide this amenity with the care and maintenance it deserves. At CLEANPRO, we use a unique system that uses very little moisture while offering you outstanding results. Think about us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Portland. Please call (503) 563-5451 to schedule an estimate.

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