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When it comes to taking care of your carpet there are times where you will need to rely on professional help. With so many steam companies and other carpet cleaning services out there it is easy to get overwhelmed. That is why today at Portland Cleanpro we want to talk about the things you need to look for when shopping around for a professional carpet cleaning service.

Many Carpet Cleaning Methods but Only Cleanpro Truly Cleans

We all want to save time and money both aspects are important, but it is essential that we save wisely. There are several types of methods out there and some clean better than others but if you are looking for truly impressive results that can save you both time and money the Cleanpro System is truly the most outstanding and effective way to get your carpet like new in no time.  At Portland Cleanpro we offer quick quality results without any hazards or risks, we are sure our system is the most effective form of carpet cleaning out there, contact us now and find out about all our services.

Two Categories of Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are two main different types of cleaning methods that are used, and they are usually refereed to as either dry methods or wet methods. Wet methods are normally the most known such as steaming, and include high temperature water removal. Dry Systems usually include some sort of chemical or formula that requires special machines to remove and clean the carpet.

Two Types of Common Wet Cleaning Methods

  • Carpet Steaming. This is the most common method out there but is certainly not the most effective. It consists of preparing the carpet by placing some sort of chemical agent all over the carpet and allowing it to react and melt the soiled and oily residues on the carpet. Next, water is heated intensely to a very high degree, creating strong steam, hence the name. It is then infused into the carpet and allowed to soak for about 15min. Afterwards it is removed and absorbed with a vacuum. The problem with this form of cleaning is that it takes a long time to dry unless highly specialized equipment is used and even then the water that is absorbed may leave some residues that cause mold growth. It can actually turn out to be a very expensive method because it requires very powerful extraction machines and the chemicals used can turn out to be very dangerous, specially because residues usually remain on the carpet.
  • Bonnet Cleaning. In this method of cleaning, the carpet is vacummed and then sprayed or soaked with a chemical. The chemical is then left on the carpet for a certain time in order to be absorbed. A towel like pad also known as bonnet, is then used on a rotary floor machine. This machine spins very fast on the carpet as it pushes the chemical further down the carpet and afterwards absorbs it along with the dirt that the chemical may have removed. The problem with this type of cleaning method is that it does not remove all the dirt or soil in the carpet only the surface area is cleaned and the rest of the soil is pushed down and left at the very bottom of the carpet to accumulate. It may seem like a good method to use for routine cleaning twice a month but in the long run the carpet still needs deep cleaning and only very light surface stains can be removed this way.

Drier Carpet Cleaning Methods

  • Powder placed and absorbed. The way this method works is that a type of absorbent cleaning powdered is placed all over the carpet. After, a type of machine with rotating brushes scrubs the cleaning powder into the carpet. Then, around 15 minutes are allowed for the powder to work and soak up the dirt stuck to the carpet. Lastly the powder is removed by vacuuming the carpet. The biggest problem with this is that there can be leftover powder stuck inside the carpet fibers that is not thoroughly removed, and overtime this residue build up and adds to the dirt accumulation inside the home. It also does not clean very deep into the carpet and may leave dirt stuck at the bottom of the carpet fibers.
  • Cleanpro Cleaning System. First of all a safe, environmentally friendly cleaning solution is used to thoroughly scrub all the carpet. An ion exchange processes is applied and the most minimal moisture is used, guaranteeing a completely dry and clean carpet in around two hours. Unlike all other cleaning methods the formula is organic and leave zero residue behind, but effectively removes all other residues left by other cleaning methods. There are really no downsides to this cleaning method and it is truly the safest, most effective way to truly have a carpet looking and feeling better than new in no time.

Best and Most Natural Carpet Cleaning Method in Washington County

Read more about our outstanding cleaning method here, and contact us today. We are always ready to answer any doubts and questions you may have. You rest assured that when you choose Cleanpro Cleaning System your are making the smartest investment and efficiently prolonging the life and looks of your carpet. Call (503) 563-5451 now.

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