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In your home there may be a collection of wooden furniture, or perhaps you have one or two pieces that you absolutely love. It can be quite daunting to clean wooden surfaces for fear of scratching or ruining them, but today at Cleanpro in Portland we’d love to give you some simple, general tips for cleaning your wooden surfaces so you can go forward with no fear, and really shiny furniture. 

Dusting will be your most frequent form of wood cleaning. You can choose to use any type of feather duster or terry cloth, but the important thing to remember here is to dust in the direction of the wood grain. This will help, after multiple years of dusting, to maintain the beautiful patterns in the wood. 

If you plan to spray polish on the wooden surfaces, be careful. Unless the wood is covered in plastic, as is the case with most kitchen tables and children’s furniture, you will begin to dull the wood by continuously using a spray polish. Invest instead in a specialty wooden surface furniture polish. 

As for wax, remember that it is the only option that provides a hardened protection for your wood surfaces; polish only makes it slippery. Your two options are liquid and paste wax. Liquid wax will protect the surface for a significant amount of time and is easier to apply. Paste wax, on the other hand, will protect the surface for up to two years but is more difficult and time consuming to apply. Weigh your options well. Try not to get wax on your carpet, but if it does happen you can refer to our guide to removing wax. 

Once you’ve gotten your wooden surfaces into the shape you desire, you might take a look around the room and think your carpets are not up to par. If this happens, remember that Cleanpro is here to provide carpet cleaning in Portland. Contact us at (503) 563-5451 to find out more about how we can help.

Remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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