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We fall, we cut ourselves, we run into things, we break stuff, and we make a whole mess. Accidents happen all the time! The thing is, that sometimes, we or a loved one can start bleeding because of it! In these cases you should act fast and tend to the wound.

Still, after you’ve made sure that the injured person is well and taken care of, the issue of the blood in the carpet will arise. Blood is hard to take out (especially if it’s dry), but don’t worry! The Cleanpro Portland Professionals will give a few tips on what you can do!

How to Clean Blood From a Carpet

Water, Dishwashing Soap, and Vinegar

First of all, you’ll need to mix water, dishwashing soap, and a bit of detergent to get all the stain and odor out of your carpet.

Spray it On

Now that you have your miracle worker ready, it’s time to apply it to the affected area! Spray it generously so it can start acting on cleaning the stain.

Dab it Out

Next, you’ll need to take a clean cloth, towel, or piece of paper and blot the area vigorously to get the stain out!

Brush, Brush, Brush!

If the above isn’t working, get a brush and scrub the carpet so that the product gets in there. Just be careful not to extend the stain further!

Repeat if Necessary

Blood stains are hard! Especially if it’s already dry! If you’ve followed the steps but are still seeing some of the stain, then do it again until it’s gone!

Remove the Excess

Once the stain is gone, take a dry towel and blot any excess liquid so your carpet isn’t affected by the humidity! You can also do this (or complement this step), by vacuuming the area.

Let it Dry!

Now, be sure to create a perimeter around the previously bloody zone, so you can let it dry thoroughly and not attract other stains or dirt.

If You’re Still Having Trouble...

If this isn’t working, then it’s time to call the pros! If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Portland, be sure that Cleanpro can do an expert job and leave your carpet good as new!
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