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Halloween night is over! The eve of dressing up and trick or treating is done. Which means your kids have already started the gruesome task of eating all of the sugary goods they’ve recollected!

But, as you’ve learned over the years, the scariest part of Halloween aren’t the monsters and ghouls, but having sugared up children bouncing around with dirty little hands and leaving unwrapped candy, here, there, everywhere!

Unfortunately, your furniture and carpet are the victims in this sugary tradition!

If you have a typical Portland home, and this is happening to you, don’t worry! Let your kids have their fun and sweat off all the sugar they’re consuming! Your trusty residential carpet cleaners in Portland, Cleanpro Portland Professionals, will share some tricks that you can put to motion to do some damage control on your carpets!

Tips to Getting Frightful Candy Stains Off Your Carpet!

Now, most of the candy can be broken up into two categories: hard candy and chocolate-based, each trying to hold on to your carpet harder than the other!

To Remove Chocolate
Chocolate has got to be one of the scariest things to see on a carpet! It’s rich color is delicious but has great staining power!

If you find chocolate in your carpet, make sure to keep calm, breathe, and act quickly!

*First, you’ll need to remove any excess (careful not to stain your carpet further!)
*Use an ice cube to harden its surface and eliminate the chocolate easily.
*Grab a sponge and apply a bit of dish washer to the wound! Don’t over do it until you’ve tested it in on a small spot!
*Use a bit of water to rinse it any excess off, and pat the stain carefully with a dry cloth.

Be careful with water! Often times, our first instinct tells us to use water on the stain, but this could potentially make it worse! Use it wisely and in small doses!

Follow these easy steps to get that chocolate stain off your beautiful carpet.

To Remove Hard Candy
Hard candy sticks to everything! Its colorful, sugary components make their way to your kids hands, their clothing, your furniture, and your carpet. Once again, you’ll need to act on it, fast!

The first step is to getting the actual candy out of there.

*For the residues, apply a bit of cold water so that the candy softens and scrape any big chunks that were left there.
*Use a small amount of white vinegar on a cloth, put it over the stain and let it work for some minutes.
*Pat the affected area with a clean, dry cloth until it all comes out.
*Hopefully, this will get rid of the horrible substance that was threatening your house’s cleanliness!

If that Still Doesn’t Do the Trick (or Treat)

Often times, especially if the stains have been sitting there for a while, a simple house solution won’t do the trick. Yes, you may have removed most of it but, if you pay attention, you can still see their shadow staring back at you through your carpet!

If this happens to you, it may be time to deep clean your carpet to give it a fresh, happy look again. If you’re looking for residential carpet cleaning in Portland, call (503) 563-5451 so the Cleanpro Portland Professionals can help you out with an environmentally friendly and safe solution to your carpet cleaning needs!

Halloween is fun and eating candy is one of the best things about this holiday! Still, it can leave a scary aftermath in your house and carpet! Follow these steps to remove any candy traces that could make your beautiful home look like a haunted mansion.

And, if you feel like ghosts of the stains are still lurking around, call (503) 563-5451 to get the Cleanpro Portland Professionals to give you a hand! Our formula and carpet cleaning method will leave your family and you satisfied! 

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