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In a previous blog post, we at Cleanpro in Portland talked you through the various carpets available for when you feel your current flooring needs updating. That overview covered most of the bases, but one factor we’d like to explore in a little more depth is how eco-friendly the various carpet choices are.

Carpet makes up between 1 and 2% of all solid waste in the United States, and much of it is difficult to recycle, so it makes a significant contribution to our nation’s carbon footprint. It’s also important to remember that buying ‘green’ carpeting not only reduces your impact on our environment, but also ensures good indoor air quality in your home and avoids the chemical emissions associated with less environmentally-friendly carpets.


Nylon and other synthetic materials are, as a rule of thumb, a less eco-friendly pick than natural fibers such as wool. That said, it’s a good idea to investigate further when checking out different carpets. Some synthetic fabrics such as polypropylene are often made from recycled materials, drastically improving their green credentials, and on the flip side natural fibers are sometimes treated with extremely unpleasant chemicals to extend their lifespan or make them more stain-resistant.


Consider how often you’re likely to need to replace your carpeting and buy accordingly. If you have children and/or pets and you’re likely to need to replace your carpets in the near future, make sure you opt for a material that is easily recycled in order to reduce the impact of your purchase.


Carpet and padding add an extra layer of insulation to your home, so opting for a thicker, more durable choice may initially mean a higher carbon footprint due to using more resources, but this will likely be made up for in a very short time by the decreased use of fossil fuels that comes with a more efficiently-heated home.

Portland Cleanpro are passionate about the environment too; that’s why we use CLEANPRO’s unique and eco-friendly carpet cleaning technology to provide the ebst carpet cleaning in Portland. Our cleaning solutions are 100% organic and won’t affect the air quality of your home or pose a health risk to you and your family, unlike some of our competitors’ methods.

Remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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