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The carpet is truly the center of attention when you open the door, it will either make your house look clean or neglected. The best way to enjoy a clean home is to keep your carpet in the best conditions possible. That is why at Cleanpro in Portland we want to discuss stains and just what you should do about them when they start invading your carpet.

Carpet Stains Are Not Always Preventable

Stains in the carpet are caused by everyday events, accidents, and  constant wear. They are specially present in homes with children, pets and constant traffic coming in. The problem with stains is that they will happen, no matter how careful you are, no matter how well your carpet is cared for. Life happens, stains happen and sometimes in the most unexpected ways, so it is safe to say that stains are not exactly preventable. That is why the most important thing to learn is how to treat those stains and what to do after they happen.

Carpet Stains Can Cause Major Damage

There are common every day stains and there are unusual accidental stains that seem to just test our patience. Both can be hard to completely get rid off. Common everyday stains such as filthy shoes, pets dragging in mud, and children spilling food are the ones that are most likely to cause permanent staining of some sort. Even when they are tended to as soon as they happen, the constant traffic coming in or usual spilling of common substances can add up on your carpet leaving blotches behind even after the area has been cleaned.

Cleanpro Portland, the Solution For Your Carpet

Even with constant cleaning and even when stains seem to be gone after you clean up, there are still diminutive particles that most cleaning methods cannot reach. They may seem clean and no longer visible at the moment, but over time the left over minuscule particles decay and cause further blemishing and this can cover your carpet with unwanted ugly spots. Spillage may also leave unwanted smells, for more information on having your carpet smelling fresh and clean visit our previous post here. The best way to treat your carpet and avoid blotches and stains from preventing your carpet from looking clean is to contact a professional carpet cleaner at least 3 times a year if your home has constant traffic and twice if if your carpet does not suffer common and constant stains. Cleanpro Portland offers incredible cleaning solutions for your carpet at amazing prices and best of all is completely safe for your home, your family and the environment so contact us.

Unusual Carpet Stains Need to Be Dealt With

Now for more uncommon stains such as red wine spilled by your guest, chewed gum stuck to the floor caused by your teenage son or even glue spilled when your daughter did her art project, you can still salvage your carpet from these frustrating stains. If you are able to catch these in the moment they happen you can take immediate measures that may save the stain from becoming almost impossible to remove.

Tips to Remove Unusual Carpet Stains

  • For red wine you can spill white wine on top then with a cloth dry up the area if the stain still seems to show then add salt to continue soaking up the stain.
  • For gum stuck to the carpet apply ice cubes wrapped in plastic and let the gum reach a freezing point, then remove the frozen gum.
  • For glue, use a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol press it on the area and after the glue is damp wipe it off and  repeat as needed.

Tough Stains Are Best Dealt by a Professional Carpet Cleaner

These are just a few of the stains that your carpet can suffer from but there are many more that accidents, and other factors that cause stains. Harder to remove stains and even those common stains that you think have been taken care of can create nasty blotches later on so always consult a professional and get your carpet cleaned professionally whenever possible.  Sometimes trying to remove them yourself can cause further smudging and damage to your carpet. Ink, grease, blood, butter and cooking oils, dye, permanent markers, other paints and other types of tough to remove stains have a much better chance when dealt with by a professional cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning in Portland, Oregon

Have your carpet cared for by a professional today. Contact us soon, our qualified and friendly professionals are ready to help you keep your home looking great and your carpet better than new. Stop scrubbing your carpet, let us take care of all the hassle for you call (503) 563-5451 now.

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