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They’re cute, embraceable and great companions but dogs are still animals and they don’t know carpet etiquette. Dirty paws, hair shedding and drool will make their way into your carpet. Soon enough, you’ll have stained, smelly and hair filled flooring in your home. That’s not only unappealing but unsanitary as well!

Here are some tips on how you can prevent your lovable companion getting in the way of having a beautiful home.

Keep Them Clean!

Bathing your dog regularly is a must. Still, depending on the race, you may need to give it a few weeks between baths so you don’t hurt its coating or skin. So, what to do when a couple days later after you washed it, the dog comes racing inside covered in mud? Make sure you wipe its paws and dirty hair when you notice a stainable substance in them!

Potty Train Them

This is a no brainer! Who wants their dog peeing inside their home (regardless if they have a carpet or not)? Nonetheless, there are some house dogs that aren’t potty trained. As its owner, you need to pay close attention to your pooch and its bathroom necessities. Make sure you give it time to relieve itself after eating, when waking up and before sleeping.

Brush Their Hair

At the same time, and since dogs mostly have long, thick hair, it’s a good idea to brush them frequently. That way, if there are any fallouts, you can get rid of them before they touch your carpet. If you’re lucky enough to have a non-shedder dog, then you won’t have to do it as often.

Watch What They Eat!

It’s no secret that dogs, like humans, need a balanced and nutritious diet. But what does this have to do with your carpet, you may ask yourself. Well, certain treats may be full of artificial coloring that can be bad for your dog and stain your carpet! So watch out for their stomach and your house’s cleanliness!

Make sure you vacuum often and clean up any mess up as soon as you see them happen. Furthermore, so your home is safe for you and your friend in four paws, make sure you deep clean your carpet from time to time. If you need any help with that, remember to call your Portland Cleanpro Professional for an environmentally friendly solution that will get the job done and that’ll be safe for you, your family and your pet!

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