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Carpet Cleaning Advice For When You Have Pets

We are not going to lie, if you are thinking about getting a pet, keeping a carpet clean and fresh does take a little extra effort. However, this should not stop you from having man´s best friend in your home, most pet owners would agree that it is well worth it. So, don´t fear and read on to learn a few tips and cleaning ideas that will definitely make carpet cleaning with pets, a lot easier.

Prevention Can Help Keep Your Carpet Clean a Bit Longer

The first step to helping you keep a clean carpet with pets is to make an emphasis on prevention. Whether you are just getting your first pet or you already have a few, clean up and carpet maintenance will become much more simple if your pets are trained to not pee or poo on the carpet. Pet urine stains are usually the most frustrating to deal with because they not only stain, they smell, therefore, the more you can prevent them the better. Learn more about how you can better care for your carpet with children or pets in your home in our previous post.

When Accidents Happen and Your Carpet Suffers Call the Experts

Regardless of whether your pet is potty trained or not, there will still be a few other accidents that may happen such as your pet spilling something on the floor or spreading dirt around with their paws, but let´s be honest, these sort of accidents happen even when we don´t have pets. Knowing how to deal with spills and stains before they happen is important so that you are prepared when they do happen, you can read more on carpet stains here. Also, keep in mind that all carpets will eventually require more professional cleaning and this is especially true when pets are present. When your carpet needs to be revived contact a professional carpet cleaner that offers safe and efficient cleaning solutions, contact Portland Cleanpro.

How To Prevent Pets From Peeing on Your Carpet

There are a few things you can do to prevent pet urine from taking over your carpet. The first thing you want to do is train your pet to do its needs in an appropriate area, however, this is a process and of course, you may also encounter the occasional accident even after they have been potty trained. In the meanwhile, you want to have a repellent on hand. There are several commercial repellents available that will work well to keep dogs, cats, and pets away from the area you don´t want them to pee in. There is also a few proven natural repellents you can make at home to spray on the carpet and other areas that you don't want them going near. For example for a great  a great cat urine and scratching repellent mix a few drops of clear dish liquid with several essential oil drops of lemon and eucalyptus in about a cup of water and place the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your carpet and areas where you don´t want them urinating or scratching.

Dealing With a More Solid Mess in Your Carpet

Now, not everything is preventable and accidents will happen and at some point or another, you may get home and notice that your pet has pooped, peed, or stained your carpet. If you discover poop or any other solids that need to be removed it is best to immediately reach for a putty knife and dust pan and try scooping up as many of the solids possible without pressing too much into the carpet. Avoid using towels or other items that may blot or press the mess deeper into the carpet. Then proceed to use a stain and odor remover. There are also a few of these that can be bought but you may also make your own. Next, if your dog was the culprit for this mess, place a dog biscuit or kibble on the area for your dog to eat. Most dogs do not poop or pee where they eat and hopefully, this will keep them from repeating the incident.

Professional Carpet Cleaning for the Best Results in Tigard

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will remove stains and prevent it from retaining bacteria, odors, and other unpleasant areas, helping you maintain it in better shape for longer. Portland Cleanpro will give your carpet the deep cleaning it needs and leave you with the peace of mind you deserve, call (503) 563-5451 today.

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