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Summer Dangers and Carpet Care

During the summer, your carpet may need some extra care and other precautions that may not be necessary during the rest of the year. Being aware of the summer dangers that your carpet may face can help you avoid them. So, we´ll introduce you to a few of the summer situations that affect your carpet and how to deal with them.

Summer Sunlight Causes the Carpet Color to Fade Faster

Exposure to excess sunlight can cause the color of your carpet to fade, making it look worn out and unaesthetic. When a room has windows or a lot of sunlight is coming in  the carpet starts to become damaged by the UV light and eventually loses its  color. In many cases, you are so used to looking at your carpet day in and day out that you don´t notice how much the carpet color has deteriorated over time, but it does happen. The fading color of the carpet tends to go undetected  until you move the furniture around and realize the color under the furniture is much darker and different than the rest of the carpet. That´s when things start to look bad because if you want to change your furniture around or it can be very noticeable.

How to Avoid and Deal With a Discolored Carpet

The best thing to do is to make sure your windowns and large entrance areas have shades or curtains, especially in the summer. The longer days and excess sunlight of the summer can wear out your carpet even more. It is a good idea to move your furniture around every once in a while so that the carpet wears evenly and you aren´t left with prominent spots that are untasteful. Keep in mind that no cleaning service no matter how great they are at cleaning will be able to remove these spots because they are not stains. Rather, they are the effect of an unevenly worn carpet. If the spots are extremely prominant then you can have those areas patched or repaired. Some color restoration services offer redying for carpets.

In the Summer Your Carpet Experiences More Traffic

For most people the summer means more children or visits. The traffic inside your house definately increases during the summer and this has an effect on your carpet. Whether it is your own kids that spend more time home because of the summer vacations or your grandchildren or neighbors that drop by. Carpet care becomes even more important during this time because you need to keep up with the amount of traffic coming in. Also, most of us want to be able to display a pretty clean carpet if someone unexpectedly stops by. At Cleanpro Portland we can help you out and make your summer much more enjoyable. Contact us now and you´ll have your carpet spotless and radiantly clean in no time.

The Humidity and Heat Can Provoke Mold Growth

Another factor that can be a problem for your carpet is the humidity and heat of the summer. Mold can grow and spread much more easily during the summer. Your carpet may be hosting mold bacteria underneath and the humid weather and hot temperatures aid in the growth of such mildew. The areas near the air conditioner tend to get more abrupt temperature changes and making them prone to mold. Also, if your children or pets play outside in the sprinklers, in the pool or with water then your carpet may suffer the consequences.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Carpet

Avoid getting your carpet wet even if its just a few drops. Place mops, towels and mats outside for everyone to dry themselves before entering the house or steping on the carpet. Even a few water drops can quickly form a small puddle and this will attract mold growth. You also need to be very careful with the type of cleaning done on your carpet. Steam cleaning and spot cleaning with wet towels place your carpet at great risk of mold buildup. The extra humidity that the steam and water add to your carpet creates a thriving enviornment for mildew that invites them to spread and take over the interior of your carpet. If water does end up falling into your carpet the best thing to do is to immediately absorb it with a powerful suctioning vacuum intended for liquids.

Summer Carpet Cleaning in Sherwood That is Safe and Efficient

Do not risk your carpet at the hands of other cleaning methods that instead of helping can actually affect your carpet. This summer, leave the care of your carpet to the experts. Call Portland Cleanpro at (503) 563-5451 today.  

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