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Carpet can be beautiful under your feet, soft and cushy, accenting your furniture, but what about the artistic value of carpet? Cleanpro Carpet Cleaners in Portland can clean and sanitize your regular carpet AND using environmentally safe cleaning products to gently clean your “carpet art.

”What is Carpet Art?

Carpet Art or Textile Art can be wall to wall with inlaid, carved, custom artwork that you can walk on. It can be an area rug designed to go with your furniture or enhance the beauty of wood floors, stairs, and landings. It can also be mounted to your wall as a museum quality art piece.

What are the Types of Carpet Art?

  • Tapestry is one of the most common and oldest carpet art, dating back to the 1300’s. Traditionally woven on a vertical loom, tapestries depicted imagery such as a countryside or marketplace with people going about their daily lives. Sometimes depicting a hero in battle.
  • Oriental or “Persian” carpet is considered ancient art work. The first of these carpets found in Siberia was the Pazyryk carpet dating back to the 5th century BC.
  • Modern carpet art is high quality, durable, and beautiful. Logos or any other image you could imagine can be sculpted or woven into carpet material. They can be wall to wall, area, on stairs or hall runners, with tapestry or leather borders. If you don’t want to walk on them, they can be hung on the wall and displayed.

Any type of carpet makes your home warm, cozy, and beautiful. Whether you own carpet art or standard “living life” type carpet, Cleanpro Carpet Cleaners in Portland, Oregon can keep it looking fantastic! Give us a call at (503) 563-5451 or you can fill out the form online.

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