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Carpets get dirty; that’s the undeniable, unavoidable truth. We step on them, accidentally spill drinks or food on them, and even get them wet from time to time. All of this adds up with time and turns your floors into a carpeted monster.

Still, there are things you can do to prevent this horrible transformation from happening to your carpets! Your Cleanpro Portland Professionals will provide some tips that will help you keep your house cleaner and better looking. It may a bit of extra work, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Neat Tricks to Avoid Dirty Carpets

Choose Wisely
This is a tip for those who are looking to put a new carpet in their house. If you want to prevent staining, think about your lifestyle! This means, consider what color or material could work best if you have kids, pets, etc.

Don’t go knocking on a messy carpet’s door! If you want to keep your floors impeccable, the easiest solution is to avoid unnecessary situations in which you could spill or stain it (i.e. moving food from the kitchen to the bedroom).  

Spray and Prevent
These are stain repellents out there that you can spray on your carpet and furniture to it from staining when a spillage happens. They probably won’t protect it against ALL stains, but it can be a good way to keep your carpets looking clean.

Shoes Off!
This one will need some contribution from family members and guests: ask them to clean their shoes before entering or to leave their shoes at the door! As you know, a lot of the filth in our houses comes in through our shoes, so by eliminating this element, you’ll have cleaner floors!

Quick as a Cat
This can be a bit more difficult to achieve but, if possible, clean up immediately after spillage has occurred! Spills will happen, but, if you act quickly when they do, it’s more probable that they won’t leave a stain to haunt your carpets!

Persevere and Conquer
Keeping your carpet clean is an ongoing job. If you want to avoid it getting filthy, be sure to vacuum it constantly! This way the dirt won’t build up and you won’t have a lifeless, unsanitary carpet on your hands!

Accessorize to Protect
Rugs on top of carpets are a thing (look it up!). They are easier to clean and will protect your carpet. Plus, they can add up to your decor: you can make a statement with a fun-patterned rug or pick one that goes well with the ambiance in your house. Or, you can buy a clear matt and place it on top of high traffic areas to avoid a messy carpet!

Traffic Control
Obviously, a carpeted area with a lot of use (like at the entrance of your home) will get dirtier than those less transited areas. Which is why you should pay special attention to high traffic areas! Clean them thoroughly on a regular basis to prevent any dirt build-up!

Carpets are soft, cozy, warm, and pretty, but they can quickly turn around if they aren’t cared for! If you want them to stay on their good side, try out these extra steps that will prevent that from happening. This way, you’ll have a cleaner and better looking home for a longer period of time!

Nonetheless, and while it’s better to be safe than sorry, this isn’t bulletproof. Eventually, you will have to resort to professionals so they can deep clean your carpet and get all the trapped filth out. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Portland, your trusty Cleanpro Portland Professionals can help you out with a revolutionizing technique that will keep your carpets clean! Call us at (503) 563-5451 to book your appointment!

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