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The holidays are here and along with the spirit of camaraderie, come the gifts! Thinking about what you really want this season can be hard.

So, if you’re undecided about getting a carpet, the Cleanpro Portland Professionals will share with you a few reasons why this staple item should be in your wishlist for the holidays!

Putting a Carpet in Your Wishlist These Holidays!

They’re Soft

They’re delicious to the touch and they provide more comfort on your back, knees and feet. Plus, they are there to soften the blow if you fall!

They Keep Us Warm

Portland has pretty much frozen over! We need the extra heat to keep us from becoming a popsicle ourselves. Carpets do a great job with keeping our house cozy during these cold months!

They Bring Style

The right carpet for your home can bring your whole aesthetics together. The texture and color palette for your style are key in making your home feel more put together and interesting.

They Keep Us in Check

Yes, carpets require a bit more effort to maintain. We need to vacuum constantly, attend to any accidents as soon as they happen, etc. But, if you think about it, if this means that you become a cleaner and more conscious person, how bad can it be?

Carpets can be an essential piece to complete your home. That’s why, if you are thinking about getting one, you should ask Santa Claus for it!

If you have one already and would like it to feel as good as new or are in the search for carpet cleaning in Portland, call (503) 563-5451 so the Cleanpro Portland Professionals can get the job done!

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