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In a previous post we talked about several factors to take into consideration before carpeting the stairs. Today the experts at Portland Cleanpro want to tell you what are the advantages you will have if you do decide to Carpet your Stairs.

4 Benefits of Carpeting the Stairs

  • Safety- One of the best reasons to carpet your stairs is the fact that the carpet in the stairs makes them a lot safer. Hardwood stairs and other materials that most stairs are made of are usually very slippery or they can become worn out and slippery over time. By adding carpet to the stairs they become less hazardous and can help prevent dangerous falls and slips. The carpet not only prevents slips but it also acts as a cushion and can prevent someone from rolling down the stairs if they were to trip.
  • Reduces Noise- If you have kids you will not only have safer stairs but also a more quite house. Kids get a kick out of stomping on the stairs or sometimes they just like rushing and running down the stairs at full speed and strength. The carpet in the stairs will not only minimize accidents but also decrease the noise that is made from little feet running down. It will act as a sort of insulation to keep the stomping sounds at a minimum.
  • Home Decor- Carpeting the stairs will not only provide you with a safer, quieter house but it will also enhance the look of the room or entrance the stairs are in. The carpet that you choose will usually bring out the stairs in an elegant manner that can definitely benefit your home decor. It is a great way to give your entire house a new look without having to do mayor makeover changes.
  • Clean up- clean up can also be a breeze if you have the proper help and tools. Sometimes getting rid of icky substances in the hardwood stairs can become more of a hassle than removing them from the carpet. For more tips on removing common tough stains click here to view our detailed post on this. Don't forget that when in need, you can always call a carpet cleaning pro like Portland Cleanpro that will happily assist you. Carpet cleaning can be less costly than repairing a damaged hardwood floor. This is an advantage that is truly worth considering.
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